The lowdown on Olivia Faith. Why is she so awesome?


My name is Olivia Faith, I am 20 years old with one of those BIG stereotypical Italian family’s and currently stuck in that half way point of “The world is my Oyster” and “Holy CRAP I have no idea what to do with my life!”. I am a part owner of a dance studio in Canberra, slightly dipped my toes into modelling, thinking about getting into acting, have acquired an obsession with trying to eat healthy and exercising (apart from my  rare carbohydrate binges that go straight to my bum – I’m only human!). I was born with a passion for the city of New York and plan on  having a lot of money one day so I can live the dream there. I have a long distance relationship with my soccer-playing boyfriend in London, I am in love with travelling and admit to having an extremely serious addiction to holidays. :\

Pretty much, to sum everything up – I’m all over the shop. So somewhere in between this mess of dancing, my social life, 6am Skype calls to London and a LOT of coffee, I hope somebody will find humour out of this crazy lifestyle I live.

Over and out! All things Olivia Faith
Olivia Faith

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