Dear 15 year old self

You’re in that awkward My-face-hasn’t-quite-grown-into-my-head / crying-because-my-brother-wont-give-me-the-television-remote stage of your life – Yes, that stage definitely does exist and it is horrible, cruel and feels like its never ending!  
Now, stop going to sleep without washing your make up off and listen up! 
Tip 1: Go to school! 
Realistically, you’re there for 6 hours a day. 5 days a week. Your teacher may completely struggle with the english language or have weird (clearly fictional) stories about being a doctor AND working with NASA. BUT, You have to sit in that class room either way, so you might as well get something out of it instead of wasting your time. Right? And to be honest, besides algebra, (which by the time you’re 20 years old you STILL won’t understand) the stuff that you learn in history/english/legal studies is ACTUALLY half interesting when you pay attention. You don’t have to question how air particles exist when you can’t see them – they just do. Get over it. Oh, and don’t repeat your friend’s dead dog’s name a million times to make her cry so that you both can go to the counsellor and get out of class. She is totally onto you guys. 
Tip 2: Your mother doesn’t have an evil vendetta against you. She doesn’t want you to be forever alone and believe it or not, she does “GET IT” when she tells you that you can only go to the party until 10pm. That is plenty of time, anything that happens after 10pm is messy and annoying and ends up being the most talked about rumours at school the next day. So be glad she kept you out of it! You don’t even like going out later than that anyways! You will always be an early bird and, lets be honest, nothing excites you more than an early nights sleep – ye ol’ granny! 
Tip 3: When you’re not allowed to date the boy you like, the apocalypse definitely is not nigh. Boys care about Play stations and X Boxes and are all trying to live like their puberty-provoked idol Hugh Heffner. So don’t freak out, you won’t be 30 years old and never been kissed, prom! 
Tip 4: Embrace your inner weird. Thats who you truly are and that personality trait will not change. You will eventually find people who think you’re funny and you’ll get your kicks out of people laughing with you! Or at you, even. So continue to be proud of the fact that the “Popular”, (or some people may know them as “Boring”) gals think your a tiny bit on the koo-koo side. You will be miles ahead of them one day and will be glad you never conformed. And believe it or not, you’re going to end up being a roll model to many young girls, so never touching cigarettes and drugs will pay off no matter how uncool you were for saying no. 
Tip 5: When the puppy is crying don’t let it come into your bed just to make him like you. He will hate you, forever. 
You are fabulous and will create yourself an amazing life. Be strong and remember that family is so so important. You will make mistakes, you will let people down, but you are smart enough to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from it. Continue to work hard and follow your dreams, don’t EVER underestimate how important it is for you to believe in yourself. You ARE good enough. Take the risk and go for it, don’t play on the safe side, of anything. You will hit the lowest of lows, but be patient with yourself, because everything will click into place when you’re ready. You need to go through all that junk to come out as the strong person that you will be. 
OH and don’t shave your head, growing it back is an extremely painful process! 

Peace and Love,
Your 20 year old self


One thought on “Dear 15 year old self

  1. To my dearest and most inspirational girl I know (besides your mum), I am so extremely proud not only you are my cousin, but such an amazing young lady. Who is positive, has a heart of gold and a pour soul. My love, continue to grow into this beautiful lady you are, aim high and reach for the stars and with your determination and aspirations there is nothing stopping you baby doll. The most beautiful quality you have is you not only have beauty on the outside but have amazing beauty within – don’t change we all love you for who you are xxxx and looking forward to share your wonderful journey in this life xxxxxx love you to the moon and back xxx Loretta xxxx


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