Small town girl meets very, very big city.



I got off the plane and contemplated actually kissing the ground – That last 14 hour leg was KILLER. 
After waiting in line at the UK boarder for over an hour and a half we finally got stamped through by a lady who was surprisingly chirpy. Not the usual officers who interrogate you as if you have to prove yourself worthy enough to enter the country. (These people ALWAYS ruffle my feathers!)
The weather wasn’t much different to home, pretty cold but before I decided to put all the blame on London’s notorious bad weather, I gave the city the benefit of the doubt as it was literally 6am! Hah!
After the long drive from Heathrow, we got dropped off at my boyfriend’s car and were so ready to head home, have a shower and start the always-painful trick of keeping yourself awake and not giving in to jet lag! Stuck the key in the ignition, gave it a twist and… nothing. The engine did nothing but make a few weird bumping sounds, choke a little bit and then die. 
My boyfriend and I gave each other the typical eyes-wide-open-in-disbelief-this-is-not-happening-after-23-hours-on-a-plane face and decided to give it another go. A turn of the key in the ignition anddddd… nothing. Again. 
The battery was dead. Fabulous. 
After pushing the car to the road and asking the entire street for someone to help jump start the car, we finally found a little old lady and her lawn mowing friend who came to give us a hand. This was after we got given jumper leads that didn’t work, mind you. 
Not the perfect start to the trip. But definitely interesting. I spent most the time laughing, mainly because if I didn’t laugh I would probably have spiralled into a dark hole whaling “WHY MEEEEE!!” true drama queen style.  That is what a lack of showers, good food and sleep does to you, it shakes the knees of even the most optimistic of the bunch! 
After the first day of painful unpacking into the apartment, I was so glad when my head hit the pillow and was up the following morning at 4am STARVING like I hadn’t eaten in a month. Good on ya, jet lag! 
The past week has flown by me. Being busy unpacking and getting my life in order, settling in, familiarising myself and trying to drive every now and then amongst the INSANE drivers and traffic around here! I’ve had a chance to find fabulous places like cafes, Hot-Yoga studios and the tiniest Village Organic Whole Foods store around the corner of my house which has become my new obsession. I live in a studio apartment about 30-ish minutes from the city thats all white and wood, (completely my style, its a JOKE)  where theres baby Rabbits hopping around my front door every day. And yes, before you ask, I have wanted to catch one as a pet a thousand times, they just run too freakin’ quick! Anyway, It backs onto a BEAUTIFUL breath-taking park and hotel just behind me and is minutes away from numerous high streets with the cutest shops/bakeries/cafes etc. 
So, yes. I’ve got it pretty damn good. 
I’ve been into the beautiful centre of the city a few times, met a handful of the most lovely people, been stuck in traffic for hours on end, numerous times – I was stuck on the highway thinking, there MUST be more people on this highway, then there was in the entire city of Canberra.
I’ve had a meeting with executive producers and received a script all ready for a full-day of filming a new tape for me on Tuesday, which I am SO looking forward to. Feeling really excited about getting into it and getting back behind the camera again – HURRY UP TIME! 

Missing everyone at home a lot, but speaking to them as much as I can battling the time difference. 
I am happy, healthy and on the road to success. Which is everything you could want after moving your entire life to the opposite side of the world. 
So, London, this last week has been fabulous/relaxing/just what I needed, now I am apologising in advanced for how much I will shake you up within the next few months.

Over and out!
OFaith! x

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