The W&W’s.




My two favourite W’s. 
The Weird 

The Wonderful. 

I wish I had enough fingers, toes, limbs and hairs on my head to count the amount of times I’ve wished I had a reality TV show. 
Not because of the completely obvious reasons,
I’m extremely hilarious.
My life is actually insane in the membrane
or because I just love to spend my time showing off in front of people – I am very, very honest with myself. I’m a terrible show off, always have been, always will be. Its no longer an insult as it was in primary school, I’ve admitted it, dealt with it, moved myself into that category and quite comfortably made myself at home.
But because throughout my life I have learnt that opposed to being all of these fabulous, boast worthy things, something has always been a little bit off about me. Things that allays made me question…
Why did I always make really weird voices/animal noises? Why, when I was a child, did I think I had to lay on my right side, then swap sides 3 times before I could fall asleep? (SUPER glad I knocked out of myself early :\ Early signs of OCD much?) Why do I LOVE sitting on the floor? Even when there is a soft, luxurious couch available about 1 metre to my left?
Simply from those three examples, People, we are left with one conclusion.
It is clearly obvious…
I am REALLY weird. 

But instead of feeling insecure about not being particularly normal, I like to brand it as WONDERFUL! 
Hence this post. The w&w’s. The upside-down version of m&m’s. (see what i did there 😉 )Yes please! 

Here’s just a few of my w&w’s. Literally only just a few or you will be here until your 95th Birthday. 

w&w1: I am quite short. Not SHORT-short. But I’m a decent 163cm. Too short to be a catwalk model, but short enough to sleep in a bed. Hence my first w&w, I ALWAYS sleep down the bottom of the bed. Every night. Like, I’m talking, my feet have to hang off the end of the bed. Don’t know why, don’t care why. It’s weird and wonderful and I sleep like a baby! 
w&w2: I made a decision one day, can’t really remember when, but I decided that I do not shave my legs anymore. Only waxing, ever. It actually causes me issues and I get slightly anxious when I don’t have wax or haven’t booked an appointment to get my legs waxed. I am embarrassingly stubborn with things like this… weird and WONDERFUL no-spkiey leg hairs! Win! 
w&w2: I cannot straighten/style my hair more than twice a week. I have this obsession with growing my hair and feel guilt in the pitt of my stomach every time I style my hair more than twice a week.I literally feel like I can hear my hair dying in pain. Weird and wonderful fact, I don’t like to murder my hair. I am not a murderer, PLUS! 
w&w3: I can’t do anything people tell me to do. Not the whole
Mum: “Don’t cross the road when a car is coming”
Olivia: “SCREW YOU!”
*Gets run over*
Not to the point that I am Stupid, just to the point that I am annoyingly Stubborn – 
As in when someone says “OLIVIA, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!” or “YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG OLIVIAAAAAA” theres about ——-9823787238793827498732 (Note the 7 minus signs) chance that I will ever watch/listen to that song ever in my life. Hence why I have still not seen Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Or whatever it was called. Weird and Wonderful fact, Olivia Faith is not a sheep. I proudly represent all the Shepherds out there! 
Which leads me right to this next w&w… 
w&w4: I can’t read/watch any movies or books with long titles. I just cannot. Hence, once again, why I have never watched/read Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I know, everyone who has seen this movie or read this novel will be shaking their head at me thinking the same thing my boyfriend just said to me about 3 seconds ago and that I have heard on numerous other occasions from different people. “You know Liv, A Series Of Unfortunate Events is actually a good movie…” I get it, it is most probably a fabulous, amazing TDF movie/book. But, I still can’t watch it. My brain just won’t let me, sorry. 
Remember, not Stupid, just Stubborn.
Weird and Wonderful fact, long/confusing titles of things bore me. And Olivia Faith does not enjoy confusion and/or boring things. 
w&w5: I love to eat dinner with one leg bent up on the chair I am sitting on. So, sort of in a crouch position except with one leg down like a normal human. Like how you would bob down on the ground, except only a Uni-bob. So one leg. I am most comfortable like this and wish I could eat like that every where I go! Weird and Wonderful fact to know that every time Olivia Faith is out to dinner with you and sitting with both feet on the ground, she is secretly mad that she can’t be sitting with one of her legs bent. Now you will be able to read my mind. I may or may not have just invented a word? Uni-bob. Apparently I am an inventor now, also! Fab! 

This concludes Part One of my countless w&w’s. 
Clearly, being Weird is Wonderful and separates you from all the regular-degulars out there. Which there are many of that like to over populate the world and leave all of us Weird and Wonderful creatures feeling like we aren’t the norm. In some cases, this can sometimes translate into us feeling insecure about sleeping so far down the bed or being irritated by having to sit two legged on the floor when we’re out to dinner. 
But all of you Weird and Wonderful creatures, make sure you back your Weirdness. Because it truly is Wonderful and you owe it to yourself to be exactly who you want to be. Like someone really, really smart once said, Oscar Wilde, to be exact! “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”  
And for all of the Weird and Wonderful people out there, you definitely aren’t alone, because you are always invited to join the Weird Club. 
The Club I have just created and so far has the population of one. I heard its pretty cool.. :\ 
You gotta start somewhere, right? 

What are some of your w&w’s? 


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