I fell off the bandwagon, you know.
I take full responsibility, too.
I have always been absolutely terrible at multi-tasking.

So, there is this thing about me. When things in my life go absolutely hay-wire I tend to drop off the face of the earth a little bit until its all figured out properly.

But, this time, instead of waiting for things to settle down to jump back on the bandwagon, I have decide to come back down to earth a little bit earlier.
So that I can teach myself (slowly) a lesson and essentially, after what will take lots of practise, learn to not disappear and continue to spin the wheel of my wagon whether things are or are not hay-wired!
So that is my apology to you.

Now that I have semi-explained my absence, onto the next!

I was packing clothes away into a snap-lock vacuum seal bag thingy when I came down with a huge case of Deja vu.
I couldn’t help but feel like I had done this all before. And not too long ago, at that.
Thats when it came over me, I HAD been doing this not too long ago.
A year ago, to be exact.
The packing, the vacuum-seal bags, the suitcases, the boxes.
All of that was one year ago.

As I pack a suitcase for my summer holiday, a separate suitcase for my trip back home to Australia and boxes filled with my life for the new house I will be moving into, (I don’t know where it is or when this will be, mind you. I am just packing all of my belongings into boxes and hoping to figure it out when I get home from Australia) I can’t help but shake my head and not even believe at the craziness I call my life.
Am I absolutely Mad?! Am I stressed out of my brain-cells? Am I worried sick at the fact that I have zero idea where the next few months of my life will lead me? Olivia, please, why won’t you just settle for an ordinary life for once?


Believe it or not, I absolutely love it.
Which is so unlike the old Olivia Faith.
SO unlike her.
Which made me start thinking about things I have learnt, how I have grown, how completely different but still totally the same I am.
Yep, that makes perfect sense!
It has only been a year, but then again, its been a whole year. You know that feeling?
I definitely look different, I sound a tiny bit different, I behave different, I must make a point that my jokes are loads better after being influenced by English banter, I have completely different goals and a totally different set of priorities.
I have just loved every second of this year of growth.
I have learnt things about myself, about life, about people and I am just so grateful for such an incredible year filled with so much love, excitement, nerves, ups, downs and rainy English weather.
It is no surprise to hear about how in love I am with this city, but no words can explain how excited I am to get home.
There really is no place like home and I cannot wait to just drown myself in all the fabulous people I adore.
Who I have to say a humungous, flossiest, biggest, fluffiest, happiest, THANK YOU to, by the way.
For always, always being here through everything. For standing by me, talking to me every day, believing in me, supporting me every single step of the way. Those people know who they are and I am so forever grateful for you.
Ya’ll know whats up!

So here I am, back on the bandwagon, it is tricky to get back into the hang of things once you drop off.
But I just lahhhh it baby.

Olivia Stuck-in-the-middle-of-kuhydsglfglugdlu Faith.

Side note: (More like bottom note, really)
To my Boyfriend, Giancarlo.
Who made all of this possible and very, very easy for me.
You held me up when I fell, every time.
My heart races when I begin to think of how proud I am of you, how much you inspire me, how much I absolutely adore you.
Thank you for putting up with me and everything that I am, for caring, for being strong, for being supportive, for helping me see things from a different perspective, for teaching me so many things, for helping me, every single day to grow into who I am.
I am a better person because of you.
My life is an absolute dream because of you.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
I love you.


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