A post about a VERY special Lady.


Dear Mum,

I chose to make this a public post, because
This is far too long to be a text message. And
You deserve for the whole entire universe to know how incredible you are.

Thank you, Mum.
Thank you for helping me survive the craziest, hardest year of my life. Just as you have been there, every single year before this.
Thank you for Skyping me until I fell asleep at the beginning when I was home alone, no where near strong enough and missing home terribly.
Thank you for not allowing me to have a social life and forcing me to stay home and cook and clean with you while my friends enjoyed their school holidays. You were right, it came in handy.
Thank you mum for all the times I have called and woken you in the middle of the night crying, in pain, scared or sick.
Thank you for coming to the rescue (via text or Skype) every time I have a cooking meltdown or I forget to defrost my Roast Pork on Easter Sunday.
Thank you for sending packages to my house. Filled with all things Miranda Kerr, Lorna Jane, and Australian Cadbury Chocolate (Yes, people there is a difference, English Cadbury Chocolate is just NOT the same!). Ps. It is my taste buds that thank you for the last one, not my bum.
Thank you Mum for trusting me to do this on my own. For letting me go and live my life.
Thank you for thinking I was smart enough and strong enough.
Thank you for giving me your opinion, even when it is that you don’t think I should go to Africa, I will try not to be eaten by a Lion/Tiger/sucked up an Elephant’s trunk and if I am, I will know that you were right.
Thank you for coming and spending my 21st birthday with me. A day and night that was too special and absolutely perfect.
Thank you, Mum for being my best friend. Helping me through everything and understanding me more than anyone else can.
Thank you for keeping me in line. Saying no when you had to and steering me in the better direction.
Thank you for loving and accepting Giange into our family. Your closeness with him means more to me than anything.
Thank you for making Joe the favourite sibling. (Haha) Giving him a professional newborn photo shoot and not me has made me feel deprived and may be the reason that pushed me to make my own modelling career. Haha.
Thank you for being so, so strong. No matter what it is. Its things like that that have moulded me and given me strength in times I didn’t think I was strong enough.
Thank you mum, you are always right. About everything.
Something I never ever knew until I grew older.
Thank you for not kicking me out of home no matter how many times I slammed that bedroom door.
Thank you for loving me through my ugly child phase. God, it was bad. I definitely would have given myself away.
Thank you for loving me even when I made mistakes, when I was rude or hurtful towards you.

I know everyone will be writing about how their mum is the best mum they could have ever asked for.
So I am following that trend.
You are the BEST mum I could have ever asked for.
I know me leaving home and moving to the other side of the world was heartbreaking for the both of us, but thank you mum, so much, for believing in me. For understanding that my whole heart was over here and that the next chapter of my life was here.
It makes it so much easier knowing that you love and support me, through everything that I do.
I am too lucky, too blessed.

I pray that I grow to be half the mother you are, then I am more incredible that I ever thought I could be.

Thank you, Mum.
For everything.

Love From Liv. xxx

One thought on “A post about a VERY special Lady.

  1. Hi Liv, just sitting here reading your post and can only image how extremely proud your mum would have been reading her Dear Mum letter from her daughter. You are that beautiful lady your mum moulded you to be, letting you live life, learn from experience and be the person who you are today – well done Marci and well done Olivia – two most beautiful young ladies you will ever meet xxxx Loz


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