The Grass is always…. Just grass.

Living on the opposite side of the world to your family, friends and old life, you spend a lot of your time being in your own head.
Having to completely re-build a new network, hobbies and life twice now, I find myself to be an expert observer.
I listen to people a lot more, I watch people, I learn from them and I do so with a mentally created “Note to Self” Pen and Paper in my brain. Literally jotting down everything and anything that stands out and may be of good use to me somewhere, somehow, someway.

“The Grass is never Greener” is something I have mentally written down a zillion times.
I cursive wrote it.
Then I’ve scribbled it.
I have decorated it with little pictures of flowers around it (Get it, grass? Flowers?? Yeah, I know, I’m cute).
It has been written in my neatest hand writing.
I have written it in huge capital letters.
Underlined it passively.
Then written it about 9 times and underlined it all super aggressively.

I have mentally written this phrase once for every single time I have seen someone COMPLETELY screw up their life thinking the grass was greener.

There was a moment the other day where someone super smart and groovy said to me:
“Geezzz, is this the trick we’ll all fall for eventually?”

Those words stuck to my face like I’d just walked through a really annoying spiderweb.
And was also followed with the angry, annoyed, fearful emotion that comes with a spiderweb-walk-in.

It is so true. It is so annoyingly, painfully true.

Human beings are such great, wonderful creations.
Some of us are really smart and good at stuff, can do cartwheels and buy puppies and all sorts of other cool things.
That is COOL.
Like, think about it.
People are curing diseases, running countries (even if they don’t run it so well… Yikes..), are professors, raising families, running businesses.
People are SMART.
iPhones are possibly the best things ever created (Sorry, I’m just an Apple person, no offence to you Galaxy folk!) and a human DID THAT.
Like that was just an idea in someone’s head.
How SMART is that?

Surely (and I say this in a pleading-with-humanity tone of voice), human’s are, after all of the evolving we’ve been through from the beginning of time, smart enough to not fall for the OLDEST trick in the book.
And I mean oldest, I’m pretty sure there is evidence somewhere that a Tyrannosaurus Rex wrote that trick on a stone wall somewhere.

The mistake I have boiled down to after countless hours chilling in my own brain?
People forget to appreciate.
Or actually, better yet, people just FORGET. Full stop.

We so easily forget how lucky we are with everything that we have right now. We forget about how lame things were before we got here and how hard we worked to have it all.
This world is so filled with all sorts of evils.
By evils I mean things such as dishonesty, pressure, social media and money.
It is so easy to go from an honourable, good person who has it all.
To nothing. And only because you thought about what someone else’s grass would be like.
Is it worth it?

I’m all for taking risks with your life.
You absolutely should aim for the moon and do everything you have always dreamt of.
But there is a huge line between working hard for your ideal life and greed.
Greed hands you a one-way-ticket to loneliness.

Don’t ruin what you have for what could be better on the other side.
It is never better.
Open your eyes and appreciate what is right in front of you.
Real love, real friends, real relationships, real people were all there from the beginning.
Never, ever, EVER jeopardise that.
Because money is easy to make more of, attention is easy to grab and these days every single person on instagram can look like they live the “dream life” that everyone is trying to live.
But the REAL once-in-a-lifetime things, never ever come back.

Don’t be an idiot.
I don’t care how luscious, green, how many cows are eating it, how many roly-polies you think you can do across there on those beautiful hills of green grass.
Whether you’re here or there, you’re just as likely to step in crap.

Rant over.

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