Your Limit.

I decided a while ago that Life Coaching and mentoring people is the way of life for me. Its a (HUGE) factor of why I love my job so much and I realised it because whenever I sat down and helped someone, I felt freakin’ good!
So I knew I must be onto something…
I signed up to an Advanced Diploma and that was it, now I’m off!

So one day (tonight) I was in the shower and my brain said:
Okay, Babe, (thats me, talking to myself and calling myself babe, we’re on those terms…) you get a bunch of people, they are looking at you with notepads and pens and are ready to soak in all of this wisdom you have bottled up inside you….What do you say?
Well I would coach them.
Yeah but how?
On something.
On what something?
Something they want to achieve.
But they all want to achieve different things?
Okay, so I would generalise the first speech and then work on them individually after that.
Great, so what would you say?
Seriously, you’re killing my vibe right now.
I don’t care, Dude. What would you say?


Brain is right, knowing what I want to say was borderline important… Kinda…

So I decided to go back to basics and go back to the number one thing that is a stand out reason people either fly across the sky like airplane jet a million miles an hour, or flop like a piece of grilled Halloumi.
Yes, I ate halloumi for dinner tonight – brilliant reference if I may say so myself!

How do you take how awesome YOU already are and how do you make the most out of your awesome?!
First thing is first.

Not just any beliefs like “Don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back!” as frightening as that actually is.
More than not walking under a ladder or opening up an Umbrella inside.
I’m talking Limiting Beliefs.
The little voice in your head that, if it can be quietened down, will enable you to be able to skip down the yellow brick road to Happy Days and being well and truly on your horse to making the most out of your awesome.

Limiting Beliefs are little things deep down in our brains that sometimes, we can’t actually even hear. But they are there.
Its the sneaky guy that sabotages us to be late, or makes us always sick or tired, or drags in drama or troubles and even road blocks the success of our careers.

I always thought I had a good mindset.
From when I was a child I always backed myself and thought I was good at things, believed in my abilities and celebrated achievements in my life.

HUGE achievements like the time the single “Come on Over” by Christina Aguilera came out, I was basically the smartest person alive because it took me almost no time to learn the Spanish version that came free on the single.
That moment was spesh.
My dog Chloe got the best damn show of her life when I performed it to her in the backyard 900 times.
I also stuck the picture I drew of a Dog hanging out with a bunch of mice in a workshop on the fridge for a good 6 months or so. Even if I did copy every single millimetre of the picture from my cousin. Colours and all. He still hasn’t forgiven me but it was a work of art and I believed it should be in an art gallery somewhere or published in a book. I was freakin’ awesome, Man.

It is easy as a child to say “I’m going to be a famous singer!”, “I’m going to be a Magician!!”, “I am going to be a race car driver!!”, “I’m going to be an artist!” And whatever else we dreamt of.
But saying all of those things, we really BELIEVED it.

And I know what you’re going to say…
“Of course we did, we were children. We were so young we don’t have a slight clue about the hard world. We didn’t know “reality” or what we are supposed to believe.”

Well, no. Not really.
We believed what we felt. What we felt was that we were the best damn thing before AND after sliced bread.
And that is the truth. Our minds were pure, honest and innocent as a child, totally unpolluted. So of course we believed nothing but the truth.

It isn’t until we get taught a lesson, until we get put down by kids on the playground or teachers or sometimes even our parents that we start to turn.
Voila! Here we have Limiting Beliefs.
We get a whiff of these Limiting Belief things and they just bloody stick. They stick to our innocent minds like freeessshhh Hubba Bubba gum on the pavement and they do that because we look up to everyone and anyone we can. Our minds are sponges at that age and whether we want to learn or not, we take it all in and learn it all inevitably.

I was thinking. What would happen if we our outlook on life reflected the innocence and positivity we had as a child?
If we acknowledged our Limiting Beliefs and said, “Hey, Thanks for coming on this ride with me, but actually this is your last stop… sooooo… Ciao, Doll!” and start fresh?
What if we cut out any negativity going on in our heads and believed we COULD do it. Believed that we did deserve everything we dream about and that regular-degular people like you and I actually CAN do big things.
We can change whatever we want to change and CAN be the Number One Burger Eating Champion of the world if that is what you WANT to be (sounds bloody brill to me!).

The reason such a small amount of people actually live out their dreams is because they are the percentage of people that take a step back and learn that these Limiting Beliefs are fictional. Not real.
Notice I said “people that take a step back and LEARN”.
One more time… LEARN!
Learn because they are no better than you and I.
They just made a choice and learnt the skills to over come it.
Learning is something everyone can do.
Learning is how we got here in the first place, right? We learnt our limiting beliefs, after all.

I have read countless articles, watched zillions of interviews and heard it all a bazillion times. All these people say is:
“I just KNEW I was meant to.”
They tell us stories of how people just never really “got” it, didn’t understand why they wanted to be the lead singer of S-Club 7 or the best Cake Baker in the world.
But that never mattered. Because they “got” it so hard that even when they looked like a bunch of creepers selling dodgy recorded CD’s at Trash-N-Treasure, they were going places, man!

If TRULY believing in yourself can get you as far as they are, why do we choose not to?
Why do we limit ourselves?
Because it isn’t normal?
Or because people will think you’re weird or you’re making the wrong decision?
To me, believing in yourself might just be worth the risk.
More than anything, you’re worth taking the risk, and being happy is more than worth taking the risk, whatever your age is, wherever your life is at the moment. It is never, ever too late to be the number one Olive Taste-Tester, we need more of them!

So that’s exactly what I’d say to the group of people all sitting in front of me with their pens and papers ready to soak in all the wisdom inside my brain.
I’d give ’em all of that and then bust out in my Spanish version of “Come on Over”.
Just to prove I still got it! 😉

Over and out, you Cuties!


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