Letters to my Second Home.

Dear London,

I hope this letter finds you well.
But before you start, I know, I know.
I left in a rush and I didn’t say a proper goodbye.
Apologies, I haven’t spoken to you in a while because.
I just needed some me-time to sort my life out a little bit.
I’d just spent a consistent 2 years in winter, not only was my brain frozen stiff, but I’m pretty sure I my vitamin D levels packed up and shipped outta here about 7 months ago.
So I needed to get back in touch with that Dude first, he’s slightly important..

So.. I’ll address the Elephant in the room..
I’m guessing you’ve heard about Melbourne?
Well… you know, he is so beautiful.
He is full of wonder and he’s offered me so many opportunities so far.
I do really like the guy.
A little on the bipolar side in his (weather) moods. Unlike you and your pure, consistent rain.
Which isn’t a bad thing at all, at least I knew what to expect with you. With Melbourne its pretty much a daily hit and miss.
I’m starting to get used to it though.

How have you been?
I heard it was snowing in Mayfair?
I really missed walking the streets under the Christmas city lights this year.
You wouldn’t believe it, I actually spent Christmas day on the beach!
Nothing like the last few years.
But, don’t take that the wrong way, I’m not choosing him over you, you’re both so different, I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite.
But I’m just sayin, I havent’ slipped in ice once since moving here..
And it never snowed when I was over there, which is actually pretty rude from you. But I’m not going to get into it right now.

I have a job, actually, I have 2! That I absolutely love! I’ve also met some of the coolest people who leave me in stitches every day, so it never really feels like work at all, really.
That, and its always refreshing to be on home soil again.
You were amazing in that sense as well, you gave me loads of opportunities, ones I took, ones I hesitated with and ones I let slip by.
You really did show me the bright lights and big city but in some cases I’m not sure I was quite ready for the full-on commitment you asked for.
Honestly, its wasn’t you at all, it was just me.

I know you get that. I spent so many days walking your streets and talking to you about how you did make me so, so happy, but how I was lonely and I just wished I had my family and people there to share it with.
You’ll be happy to hear I don’t get lonely much anymore.
So Melbourne hears none of that crap.
Honestly, I just didn’t really know how to appreciate having all of that one-on-one time with you.
In hindsight it was a cop-out, because you did give me the opportunity to meet some really cool celebrities out and about and I got to see the Natural History Museum’s exhibition on Evolution which took me about 7 hours to complete.
One: Because it was freakin’ cool, but mostly,
Two: Because that place is SO BIG I wanted to take the stairs back to the Exit and ended up in Egypt, Ancient Rome and the Dinosaur era. I couldn’t have possibly been lonely with all those Mummies and Emperors and Velociraptors.
I was just being a Sad Sally that missed her Mum, thats all.
I’ll make that all up to you, I promise.

So, I got a really cute apartment in a suburb just outside the city, its got roof to floor windows, a balcony and the summer sun shines in every morning.
A long, long way from the minuscule studio flat I had with you!
As much as it was cramped and leaky and could only fit a bar fridge, it really did have a charm about it that I will forever appreciate.
Although I’ll never forget the insomnia and mousetraps I set around the house for 3 weeks straight driving myself insane figuring out why the HELL mice kept coming in.
Only to find a secret stash of chocolate GG hid in the coffee table draw that they’d been helping themselves to.
Happy to report, no mice here, but no dog yet either… However, I was allowed to get a pot plant!
I’m to the point where I’m going to take any form of positive progress in that direction that I can get!

I know you’re going to ask so I have to admit now that I have not seen one Kangaroo yet, or been attacked by a Drop Bear, or thrown any shrimps on the Barbecue.
But I have eaten loads of vegemite and Tim Tams.
Like, I’m talking twice or 3 times a day at the least.

So, yeah, Melbourne has been really great, he’s really looked after me.
He will never be you, though, you know you were my first love. You know you really impacted me and you know no one can take your place.
You opened my eyes, you surprised me, you absolutely scared the crap out of me, but you did change me a hell of a lot for the better and I’m so lucky to have shared a huge step in my life with you.
I’ll never, ever be the same and that was alllll you, Baby!

I’m not sure how long I’ll be with Melbourne for.. time is definitely running out and I think its time for me to move on soon, you know what my life is like!
I love him and everything, but he’s not the one…
I’m still looking..

Please say Hi to everyone there and send my love, Big Benny, Bubbleology, to Burger & Lobster, all the Westfields and the Tube. Chuck one in for the Royals and you better say something to Harrods, or he’ll be fuming and I don’t want to deal with that when I get back there.
You know how he can be a bit of a spoilt Brat.

Anyways, I thought I’d write to you to tell you that I’m happy and healthy but that I really miss you terribly.
I guess this is kind of a love letter?
Or maybe its a catch up?
I don’t want to lead you on or anything… but I’d love to see you soon…
I don’t know, I think we’d kill it the second time around. For real this time, too – All in.

So, I better let you go, you’re always so grey and crazy-busy I’d hate to hold you up for too much longer.
But don’t move on just yet..
I’m hoping to be back sooner rather than later…
Until I see you again,

Always yours,
Oh Faith.

Ps. And just a side note, you’re not going to like it… But its true what they say, Melbourne does make unbelievably better coffee than you do.
No offence, I just don’t think I ever caught you on a good day…

Until Next Time!

One thought on “Letters to my Second Home.

  1. Awesome writing…can’t believe you’d leave a job that sounds so alive though…mwah

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