Time Bomb.

Hey ya’ll,
My name is Olivia Faith and I have an addiction.
I’ve noticed it during the last few years.

I notice that I hide my addiction around the house, in cupboards and drawers and under books on my book shelf.
I notice that whenever I see my addiction, I have to buy it and I can ALWAYS come up with a justified reason as to why I freakin’ need this one last one!!
I notice I’ll purposely distract the people I’m with so they don’t realise me slyly picking one up and buying it while pretending to be totally enthralled in their story about “Whatever she said to him about that other girl and it was just so annoying!!”.
I mean, one could even say I have overdosed on this addiction. I most definitely can’t/shouldn’t have anymore.
My huge addiction? You ask…
Well, here it goes, don’t judge me.. I’m sure its super common…

Basically.. You know those daily planners/diaries/daily-to-do notepads you can find in stationary shops like Kikki K(Aussies) or Paperchase(UK Lads and Lasses)?
You know what I’m talking about…?


I own three diaries. THREE.
I own one little black one that I plan my entire life around. I am working 2 jobs at the moment so every single day is jam-packed filled with both work shifts, reminders for people’s birthdays, things I have to go to and blah blah blah.
You get the drift, thats my main squeeze diary.
I then have a creative diary which is basically kind of like my main squeeze one except has heaps of cool stuff in it to get my brain juices-a-flowin’ when I need some inspo to do cool creative things like writing these blog posts or if I ever have the urge to do origami(never say never, ya’ll! I’m going to be prepared for that damn-day!).
I also have a mini diary that I use to just kinda sit cute on my table for my uni assignment dates.
Why I need an entirely different diary for my uni assignments? No one will ever know.
Why I can’t justify it in either one of my already-2 diaries? Once more… no one will ever know.
Hence my addiction.

On top of my three diaries I also have 2 of those page things that have Monday-Sunday written across it so you can just write your weekly schedule in, this sits on my fridge and just re-iterates my work hours (that are also written in my diary), my work for uni(also written in it’s own diary), but this one has my boyfriend’s schedule in the mix. So its really, really different. And obviously super necessary.
I have the same thing, but a mini one on my desk so I can kind of organise what day I study what subject… And uhh..yep, that is all I use that one for.

Then I also have a cute little ‘to-do’ daily list thing that you fill out all your little things to do on a daily basis. That one is actually lost somewhere in the house…


So first step done and dusted.
Second step, named WHY, DUDE WHY?!
I started to think about why I have this crazy fixation with time management.
Not only time management, but time, in general.
Thats when I came up with this blog post, because rambles about this stuff are really fun!

Not only my life, but everyone else’s life is just super-duper revolved around time. Duh.
But, having a look more in depth, I can basically categorise the first 20 years of my life a one chapter. Loads of different pages inside my chapter, but the same chapter, none-the-less.
After the first 20 years, I then categorise my life in years.
21. London Year
22. Swansea Year
23. Melbourne Year.

I’ve been living this weird time-limited life for a few years now.
The kind of time-limit that not only stops me from things, like buying furniture or cute bed covers or too many clothes. But it also forces me into things.
I could be flat out dead from work on the couch at home, think about how nice a coffee would be but how not-bothered I am to get it.
I’m telling you, within the blink of an eye my psyche shoots out about 900 reasons why I should:
Definitely go get the coffee while you’re there get a cake, Girl and you’re only here for a year and you never know where you’re going to be next year or if it will be cold and miserable or if they even have good coffee (soz, UK) so go out and enjoy the nice summers night you idiot and eat the damn cake!

Something along those lines literally happens every freaking day.
To the point that sometimes I actually get jealous of people who say “Yeah… probably going to move out soon, maybe buy a house in a couple years, then hopefully by then have this job in the city. You know that building on Collins Street?? Yeah, there!”
Like they have all the damn-time in the world to live this plan out because as far as they know they don’t have any plans any time soon to bop over to the other side of the world.
I am really, seriously, totally jealous.

So my point (justification) is that I own 900 diaries because my fixation with time management is purely because we as human beings in life and every day and everything, not just I, are watching life totally fly by.

I feel like my 19th birthday was genuinely a year and a half ago.
Now i’m sitting on my booty, at almost 24(farroutrwiorjewiohfnkjsdvjlbljbvdjldbfbj NAHHHHHHHH NO WAY) years old and every time I’m enjoying myself the most, it goes way too fast then overtime I’m bored to the point of brain-death, it goes slow.
When I’m blowdrying my hair and I need to leave in 15 minutes for work is when it absolutely disappears and when I’m stuck in traffic on my way to meet some friends is when it feels like FOREVER until I get there.
I hate it when it passes slowly, but I also hate it when it passes too quickly because I know soon enough, the pattern, the day, the things I do, the country I’m in, the friends I’ve made, the job I have, all of it is going to be thrown back onto the rollercoaster, which, yes, has its super fun moments, but as we know theres also some pretty bloody terrifying times as well!

This time of the year, for the last 3 years of my life, always brings around these same thoughts into my head.
– Legit, Dejavu and I are actually besties now, its weird.
Its that time of the year where one chapter is winding up to the end for me and i’m just waiting to see where the next chapter starts. So then I can begin my counting, all over again.

Whats my point?
My point being that
1. I have a stationary problem that I’m going to deal with(not really).
2. Next time you’re sitting on the couch after work and feel like a coffee but are no-where near bothered enough to go get one. Remember that your life may not be on one year chapter rotations like me, but your chapter is still being written every day.
Time is passing anyway, so go get the coffee and add a cake to the order. While you’re there, go take that pottery class you wanted to take and then start that blog you wanted to write. Because time is going, going, going and it doesn’t matter how many management strategies are in any of these 68329 diaries sitting in front of me, it ain’t slowing nothing down.
So don’t even.
Go do you, Boo. Do any awesome, great, fun(legal) idea you can conjure up in your glorious huge, smarty-pants brain.

Just do it, Nike styles.

Oh-Freakin’ Faith.

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