What would you do?

Hi Friends!

How are ya’ll kickin’ on?
So you’ve not see a post the last week as I’ve been swamped/drowning painfully in Uni assignments and a few little tests and stuff that I made priority the last few days.
Today I’ve decided to completely procrastinate and hit you guys up, the fave people of my world!

As I was pondering about how to start writing the body of this blog, I began typing the first line and realise I was overcome by this surreal feeling of Dejavu. Wowsuchinspiring.
As I moved onto the second and third line of dejavu bliss, I realised, this was no surreal moment, this was just literally the same way I’ve started about 89% of my blogs on here.
There was nothing surreal going on, Babe, you’ve just legit written this before.
Literally, I feel like all my blogs start from me scrollin’ my life away on Pinterest.
So in saying this, Pinterest must simply be either one of two things:
2. A social media network I spend way too much freakin’ time on. Like, seriously, what the heck, Faithy, live a little, Sister!

Every opening paragraph/out-loud sentence of my life begins with “I was on pinterest” or “I saw a Pin the other day” and this one is NO different. Soz for the lack of originality, here we go!
So, I was stuck on the topic of what my next blog was about. I’ve written so many Critical Analyses and Essays the last few weeks that I thought my brain creativity juices had dried up into a Sahara desert of google-dictionary-the-hell-out-of-that kind of words and “IN CONCLUSION I BELIEVE”s.
Just as I was saying RIP to my bloggy ways and the creative juicey-juice I usually have flowing until Pinterest went and did that thing it always does and gave me meaning to (blog)life!
I found this pin:


What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Now, this isn’t a game changing picture, cute quote, totally. But I can almost bet that you’ve seen your cute Positive Penny pal on FB share it a couple times. Bless those Positive Pennys and their cutest 438 positive quote shares on FB every day. Bless.
I’ve actually seen this exact picture a million times before (Pinterest addiction super strong) and I’ve even had people ask me the question before. I’ve always given some really inspiring and brave response like “I would rescue every puppy from the RSPCA and not even give one thought about what my mum and boyfriend would say!”
However, this time around it was as if Pinterest delivered a GIGANTIC tsunami to my poor little juicy-juice-less arid Sahara desert.
So many times I’ve heard people say ‘In a perfect world I’d quit my job and be an artist’, ‘Ideally I’d take my annual leave and go on a holiday’ or “If only I could eat pizza every day (including nutella pizza, obvs) and never have to go to the gym or get fat”.
These are huge, big, important dreams. Every single one of them, I ain’t discriminating all those pizza dreams out there, they valid!!

What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? I know you’re all dying to know.

One thing I’d definitely do is start a Youtube channel and just post daily videos of me talking about things because I literally think on a good day I am defs the funniest person I know.
Secondly, and on a more serious note, I have a lot of things to say to a lot of mean people slightly higher up than me.
I also have a lot of things to say to mean people who think they are, but really aren’t so higher up than me.
I think I’d definitely not hesitate to tell people who think they’re a little too awesome-to-be-true that they actually have no idea what they’re doing/talking about/how to do their job.
I’d call up every person who’s ever tried to step on the people I love and hold them back, and say (in a few words, a LOT less polite than the following) ‘Don’t step on people on your way up, because you never know who’ll you’ll pass on the way down’ and Karma is my Dawg so they better watch out.
I’d write a tell-all book about the last 3 years of my life and all the things I’ve learnt, people I’ve met and the sad sides of industries that people will never see.

Not going to lie, this post was supposed to be a super positive and inspiring like “Take your chances and just do you Boo-Ting and gooooo you, you’re so awesome and can do anything your heart desires!!”
But I kinda just had a grumpy/really annoying day so this is just what came out and Faithy vowed to always be super real with my people.
So, really, in a nut shell, what I’d do if I wasn’t afraid is be a big, huge bully to all the bullies I’ve come across the last few years.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Would you stand up for yourself or someone you love?
Would you have the same job?
The same friends?
The same hobbies?
Do you think it would change you a lot as a person?

Or have you just realised you are basically fearless and nothing stops you from doing anything? If so, you go! You’re the real MVP!

Whereas, I have just realised I probs have some serious anger issues I need to sort out.

One day soon I wont be afraid of doing these things and I recon you could all put your bets on now that I’ll probably end up doing 87% of them within the next few months.
The other 13% will need some investment into my tell-all book and some viewers for my hilarious YouTube Channel.
So they’ll be on the back burner for a little minute.

*if the law is standing in your way of you doing what you fear I would suggest you do not attempt to do what you are afraid to do. Stay afraid and out of jail. Thanks, From Faithy.

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