FYI, Haterz.

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I am not going to lie, I was afraid my last post would scare everyone off, I thought it would give young children nightmares and have everyone kind of backing away slowly in fears of another aggressive rant, but it actually ignited quite the opposite!

I had a couple friends tell me a few stories after that last post about how they have dealt with the people in their life that make them feel somewhat similar to the rant of the things I would say if I wasn’t afraid. Some were funny, some were sad and some were frightening and made me question their sanity and if I should call the police or something… I decided to not call the feds, because it happened to lead me to this little follow up post…

Welcome to story time, and we begin…

You know what is one of my fave things in the whole world?
Something that I can’t live with or without?
The actual fire to my drive and the hilarity to my life??
The reason I laugh and causes me to have about 25 SMH (that means ‘shake my head’, Mum. Who is my number one fan and defs reading this, Hey Ma!!) moments a day?
You really want to know?
You’re probably quite familiar with it also.

Drum roll pleasssseeeee…..

Haters (underwhelming??? Soz).
God, I love them. Bless them and bless their best efforts.
I had someone say to me the other day “Why is it, every time I upload a photo of me winning at life or me doing well everyone always has so much shite to say? Do they not like me? Why have I lost so many ‘friends’ since starting my business, when they should be the happiest people for me? Are they just jealous?”


No babe.
Well, actually yeah Babe, but they also just be straight-up Hatin’.
It’s the same reason I get 10 likes on a blog related Instagram post but get thousands of views (I see you haters… don’t worry!).
Because people hate.

I know, you’re right, its super sad.
Someone to be so un-proud (is that even a word guys??) of themselves, and so unhappy that they can’t even be happy for someone else who is proud and is happy using their talents and abilities and being awesome.
I often think about those people, because I’m a great big, huge believer in every kind of Karma.
I believe if you wish bad on someone, what you put out there is going on a loopty-loop around town, up and down, right turn, left turn and swirly-whirl all the way round one way ticket straight back to biting you in the damn booty.
So what about these hater-gaters?
What about the people that throw shade on you werk-werk-werk-werk-werkin’ RihRih styles just busting one trying to make your little dreams come true?
* The words ‘chasing dreams’ is so cute and cheesey and I bloody love it! *

I have this theory that if everyone was doing their own thing and feeling expressed and content with themselves (a choice, FYI) , we’d never have an issue with haters/war/loosing friends/trolls/anything negative in the world, really.
Haters are just one simple thing:
Correct, that’s actually two words jumbled into one.

In turn, how does someone who is angry and bored spend their time?
Hating because they actually wish they were a pizza maker but they are working in an office.
Hating because their dream is to run a marathon but they can’t be bothered going for a jog. Or beginning with a walk, even.

Yeah, true.
I’m glad ya’ll are hating in that sense, because hating is definitely the best way for you to feel better about your current situation.
You know what would be a super bad idea?
Please, don’t for one second take a pizza making course or even think about putting on your shoes to go for a walk.
Oh and by no means necessary should you change your daily routine to fit in any of your hobbies/things that you like doing/things that may, possibly, maybe put a smile on your face and (God forbid) make you feel good.
Because the best thing you should do, is just hate.
The same thing you were doing a couple weeks ago, a few months ago, maybe even a few years ago.
It has totally gotten you super far in Hate World. Which is something to be amazingly proud of.

SO, why ya’ll are busy not doing things and hating around, I’m going to be the loser writing the blog posts and showing love to those who are doing their best and busting their booties and probs going to start my own Love Club.
If any aspiring pizza makers and marathon runners want to join, feel free!
It ain’t ever too late to stop the hate.

You caught a case of Faithy-itis, done and dusted.



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