24 stared me in the face yesterday.
It gave me that –
‘Flippin’ heck sister, we seriously here again? Where the F did the time go? I’m prettyyyyyyyy sure it was 7 minutes ago that you finished high school and had “plentya’ time!!” to sort your life out!’
kinda look.

So I looked back at 24 and said… “Sh*t, Babe… and they recon it only gets faster from here!?!”.

After a mere moment of fearing for the wrinkles I may soon face and the probability of having to act my (continuously progressing) age, 24 and I shrugged to each other, jumped into our convertible Mercedes Benz (with the top down, obvs) and drove to the puppy farm we own to cuddle with all of our puppy children.

Mmmm, yeah and what? Totally happened exactly like that.

After puppy farms and DnM’s with 24, I felt… weird-ish.
Not bad, no, no. Definitely not bad weird-ish similar to the day I tried ginger and Sea salt rice crackers (thanks to my American pal. I would never, ever recommend that ps.), more like Ohhhhh… cool… kind of weird-ish.
I’ll explain.

24 came to me with a couple of simple (but really not simple at all) questions:

Am I old? Am I young? Have I achieved enough? Have I let people down? Am I even, like what even, I don’t even know but?!

All answers had a yes and no answer- just to make them that much more un-simple(word…?Or nah??).

Old(er)? Yes. Technically you are 365 days older/cooler/smarter/lolllll than the last birthday you had. So yes, old(er).
But still no, because you’re not an ancient mummy from Egypt, Bonus!
Young? Also correct. As I am actually living until I am 4895702 years old so that’s convenient.
But also incorrect because you’re not young enough to do something dumb and not go to actual scary jail.
Achievements? YEAH GIRL. You totally set up an IKEA outdoor table setting all on your own!! The one we only used 3 times in a year and once was so I could take a cool insta pic. Which I totally staged.
And some more un-important things like you survive living on the other side of the world and managed to get some very cool jobs and make friends and (attempt) to understand all of the millions of accents that exist in the UK.
Seriously guys, what’s going on!?
And also, NAH GIRL. Coz you got a lonnnnggg way to go, keep grindin’!
Let people down? Totes. Gonna happen, though. Sometimes you grow in different directions to other people and that’s also okay.
And there is no not-totes (what’s the opposite of totes…? N-otes? Dunno…).  Because that kind of poopy thing just happens in life, mostly unintentionally.
Lastly, nah, you aren’t even, what even you don’t even or whatever you said, that’s a weird-ish question. The Ginger Sea salt kinda one!!

So, basically, 24 is great.
24 is so cool, you guys should defs hang out.
24 is like that new girl at school that people rush to befriend to see if she’ll be your new Bestie(spoiler alert!!! She totally is!!).


I have made so many squillions of decisions that led me to 24.
Most of these decisions include ‘Absolutely, yes, I WILL definitely have poached eggs with avocado for breakfast’ and ‘fiiiiiinnneee, one more ep and then I’ll start studying!!’. And another list of kinda, slightly, maybe, more important ones as well, that made me reach 24.

I never would have known what it was like to live in a huge, scares-the-crap-out-of-me kind of city without a couple of those squillion decisions.

I never would have known how to move house/country/ 5 times in 5 years- eeeekkkkkk.
I never ever would have known what it was like to truuulllly started from the bottom (now we’re here!) and settle into new jobs and new cultures and make new cutest, magical, amazing, friends of brilliance-ness.

I definitely would never have learnt how many times you’re in the middle of a crappy situation and wish it was like school and you could just call your mum to come sort it out.
Like “No, Vodafone, I just don’t want to pay my bill this month! ….. Oh yeah?! I know you are, you said you are, but what am I?!”

I never ever would have believed that I would enjoy school, or better yet, that I could go to adult university and do an actual adult real degree. Where people finish and get to throw those hats in the air. Like whhhaaattttt, that is literally one of the best things ever!

I definitely never would have known that I would make a squillion stupid decisions that totally suck. Paying the price for said decisions, falling on my Bootay and then picking my sore Booty up and moving on from it.
Like, once when I decided to hold onto the back of my cousin’s bike with rollerblades on and go down a practically-vertical cement driveway.
Super-stupid decision that totally sucked. I fell, quite literally, on the bootaay. Couldn’t sit down for 2 weeks.
Coulda’ done without that decision, but hey! I never said it was a squillion perfect decisions!!

This little cocktail of tiny (sometimes stupid) and super crazy-important decisions.
Avo for breakfast, obvs.
Led me to the big 2-4.
And it is pretty damn cool.
24 is even braver than the other years because she cut her hair and does university thingys and is back at it(with the white vannnsssss!!!!! Jokkeesssss) in the UK 🇬🇧.
She is brave and definitely the good kind of weird-ish.


On that note, myelf and 24 will retreat back to our puppy farm to be with our puppy children. Which are all teacup versions of any dog in the world, by the way, so basically HEAVENDREAMS.

Over and Outty,
Olivia-one-year-older-and-wiser-if-she-may-say-so-her-damn-self-because-24-said-she-could-say-so Faith.


Images are not my own: References below.

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