Silver Linings


I love it when people start blogs. When people send me their rough drafts to read, ask my opinion on a post of theirs or even include me in the brain-storming of their new blog.
LUURRRVVEEE it allllll.

I love Blogging because it is a cute webpage-world  where I get to talk about whatever I want with a bunch of the coolest people in town (loooveeee you guysssssss!!).
Some of the posts are important, some aren’t.
Most make zero sense and have a thousand typos and some I’ve posted,  deleted and then
re-posted again.

But, real life styles (with a z), just like anything, where there is a perfect dream world of great content and hilarious posts & every joke hitting a Home Run (ba-boom chhhhh!!), there are also the sticky things that get in the way of blogging and make this magical, hilarious blog world seem a little like dragging your tired, uninspired butt up-hill.
I think it is important to acknowledge that in any creative thang we have going on, it isn’t rainbows and butterflies all time.

Like everything in the whole universe, there’s sometimes where you’re just stuck mid-hill like,
“Damn, can I just sit somewhere for a minute, because this is so annoying and hard and I am 90% sure I just stepped in dog poop…. *looks at shoe* Mmmkay yep, 100% sure”.

So, this post is for:
1. Normal people who don’t write a blog but can somehow relate to this because they also have their own dog-poop thangs that get in the way of them slaying their life.
2. Blog people who are slumped in slump-world/ Pre-Blog people who might be thinking of starting Blog/My normal Blog readers who are just here to hola at the girllllll! Yo, Waddup!

My top 3 pains in my blog-butt that I encounter post-step-in-dog-poop up the hill >>>>

1. Views on Views.
I ain’t talking good views, like the wide open road or Drake’s bomb-ass album either.
You know that feeling you get when you hear a rumour about yourself? Everyone that this EVER happens to always says “Oh, no, it doesn’t bother me. I just don’t pay attention to it!”. But deep down inside it actually burns your life away into a burnt crisp of nothing while your inner person’s head is about to pop off?
Yah. That’s a blogger’s views on views.
If you average 1000 views and you pour your heart and soul into an in-depth emotional rollercoaster post to only get 600 views.
Insert life burnt away and inner person’s head just popped off.
That is a kick to the blog balls.
Why aren’t people reading it? Why aren’t people sharing it? Why didn’t anyone sign up?
It is so annoying to put so much into something and not get anything out of it. But really, in a blogging world, or any creative world to be exact, that’s exactly what it is.
You’re going to put everything into that post about your grandma’s hand-knitted scarf and get nothing to show for it* You’re going to not get views, or followers or even enough likes on your facebook post about it.
That – is – (blog)life.
Whenever I get too caught up in my views (or lack of), I like to totally-cliché remind myself that I started this blog to write about stuff because I like to write about stuff. The end. Because writing helps me make sense of things. And because it looks pretty on a webpage alongside beautiful pictures I find.
If I can entertain or teach or relate to one person in the meantime, that has to be a bonus, not an expectation.

* Not once have I ever written a post about my grandmother’s hand-knitted scarf. Quick show of hands of who’s dying to read that blog posttttt!

2. Writer’s Blog Block.
I find this happens in two different circumstances.
1: Super conveniently, right after you have written a bomb inspirational post about whatever-blah-blah-thing-a-majigg and people writing “Can’t wait for the next post!!” and “Let me know when the next one goes up!!”.
2: Right after I have a slump of views – refer to above paragraph for deets.

I just get stuck. If I read aloud some of the back-up Blogs I have saved on my computer that have been written during a Blog Block. You would just not even with All Things Olivia Faith(“Not Even” is a verb these days, ps).
More like No Things Olivia Faith.
I have written posts that are a sad reflection of my brain’s lack of inspiration. Posts such as  “Sleeping Patterns”, “Thoughts while staring at my ceiling” and “The pros and cons of being so pale”.
I pinky promise you they are real posts. I am talking so, super sad, Guys!
The Blog Blocks always come at the worst times and are always a painful, pulling-teeth kind of situation. However, I always find that if you write through the blocks, they tend to pass in their own time. Either that or the actual horror of “Pros and cons of being so pale” actually scare them away. Also a more realistic possibility.
Pushing through keeps your writing muscle active (the real cure to Blog Block) and also leaves behind the worst, cringe-worthy posts to read through later on down the track just to have a LOL.

3. F words.
Think about the last time you had a SICK idea.
Think about how excited you were and that genius-feeling like Ah haaaaaa!! This is how Einstein felt! What a G!
Then think about how moments later you contradicted yourself? How you came up with 5, 6 or 7 ways that proved how it wouldn’t ever work.
And finally think about how nothing ever came of your brilliant idea.
That’s a big fat F word.
The worst F word –

As a blogger (or anyone in any creative industry), that is pretty much the circle of life before clicking publish on every single post.
Because humans fear rejection, we don’t know what people like, what they will comment on, share, vibe off or unsubscribe to.
That is an absolute HUGE F word.
I am always worried that my content isn’t enough. I’m always worried that it isn’t new or funny or different. Sometimes I even worry about if I should or shouldn’t have a blog!
I have one freakin’ word for that: Normal. So, so normal (okay, technically 4 words).

Its normal to be scared of what people will think especially if you’re pouring your life and love into something.
But, really, that scared feeling is the thrill of it all, isn’t it? Its why we don’t do the norm. Its why when things go really, really well the celebration is that much more exciting.
“Feel the fear and do it anyway”.
That’s my fave quote to live by when I’m sad about views, stuck in a blog-block or worried about how my readers will take a new post.
Give the F word the other F word and just do it anyway.

As I write this post I can’t help but feel like I am throwing shade at ATO Faith. So, One must clarify that I absolutely am not even totally close-ish.
I love this old Gal, she’s been there through it all with me.
But its not all a hot cup of cocoa in front of the fire on a winter’s evening.
But, just like (most) creative thingies, to me the good outweighs the bad when you power on through and remember to do it for no other reason than because you love doing it.
Some people don’t agree but I do enjoy looking on the brighter side erryyy-now and then.
A little like, sometimes you do step in dog poop on the journey up the hill….. but.. think of dat booty building you’re doing werkin’ up that hill?! …. (even if it is whilst running home trying to clean the dog poop off your shoe and holding back the gags).
Silver linings, Pals. Silver damn-linings.

Faithy over and outty!



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