Faithy’s Red Tracksuit Trend (Obsession).

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Who doesn’t love cosy?
Who doesn’t love loungewear?
Who doesn’t love wearing cosy loungewear that is bright red and resembles a stop sign this season?

Freakin’ no one! That’s who!

I had my eye on a red tracksuit for…. If I’m going to be super accurate, 3 months.
3 painful, envious, devo that I couldn’t be wearing a red tracksuit months.

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  1. I couldn’t decide if I’d do a Miss Pap thing, and order one for £40 and be ready to go!
  2. If I’d do one of those random online stores, who do them for £30 but you don’t know if you’ll ever actually receive them.
  3. If I was going to jump in the deep end, log onto I.AM.GIA and go all the way with a delicious, £117 Red Striker tracksuit.

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I chose 3. I knew I was always going to choose 3. It was just a matter of time.

“£117 ON LOUNGEWEAR ARE YOU RIDICULOUS?” I can hear my Mum screaming at this blog post from Australia.

Yes, Mum. And Sorry. I’m also not going to tell you how much the shipping was, that’s a whooooole other story that we don’t have the time (or guts) to get into!

But let me tell you guys, it was the best £117 I have EVER spent on a tracksuit.

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The lining is furry, the colour is perfect and the quality and fit of the tracksuit is second-to-none.

I wear loads of tracksuits, the full head-to-toe, matching getup. Some may call me a tracksuit expert, but don’t be silly, I just have a Bachelors degree with all HD’s – basically heading for a PHD in tracksuit wearing/appreciation… so not quite yet. 😉


It’s trendy, it’s warm (which I need over here. My Australian booty is frozen STIFF already and its only October), and but most importantly I know the quality is going to out-live the £117 (not including shipping) I paid for the it.
Plus I have been able to mix and match both pieces in so many different ways with what I already have in my wardrobe. Which to me means it was a double goodie goodie good on ya girl choice.
Which I just made up.
But can totally resonate with.

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I’m sure the cheaper versions were definitely just as good, but lately I have been really trying to build a timeless wardrobe collection, one that lives on every year and holds that ‘new clothing’ feel. So I opted to pay that little bit extra.
Because I’m talkin’ long term relationship styles! I’m talkin’ travelling the world together, introducing her to my parents and retiring together….

Probs not the retirement thing.
No, actually, I will be that bad ass old granny in the retirement home bumping around in her bright red Striker Trackie from I.AM.GIA.

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So I’m glad I invested that little bit more into this piece of my wardrobe, this baby is going to take me to a lotta games of scrabble and garden walks in my 80’s.

Have you tried the Red Tracksuit trend? Or any of the red trends going on lately? I’m obsessed! Let me know in the comments below!

Yours, in all comfy and cosiness,
Olivia Trackie-ella.

Want this Trackie? Find me on the Looker app and its alllll yours!

4 thoughts on “Faithy’s Red Tracksuit Trend (Obsession).

  1. That track suit looks amazing on you! I just discovered this brand and I’ve been wondering about it! Lovely post love!


  2. I LOVE this tracksuit on you! It suits you. And, I completely love that you’re investing in your wardrobe. Yes, there are always plenty of cheaper alternatives, BUT, quality always beats quantity! It’s great to have items that will last you years (maybe even decades, depending on how well you take care of them)…makes up for the money you invest in them. =)

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