Faithy’s How To Define Your Personal Style

Honey Bunch, Baby Butts, how are you, my cutest people?
Now, this post is a little less “Haha, OMG Faithy, you sure you’re not a comedian?” and a little more “Ohhh, cool, you actually talk about real stuff sometimes”.
Because, you know, I’m all about versatility. And also because I actually have a little passiona (“Pa-shee-oh-nah”, remember we spoke about this pronunciation in my last post? Just reminding you) about this lil’ style topic and I actually doooooo want you guys to walk away with some kind of value from this.
Lets get into itttttt pleaseeee Faithy, quit the jabbering!
Okay, lets go!

So, when I was 10 I wore my Brother’s clothes because I pretty much thought I was a boy. 🤷🏼‍♀️

When I was 15 I wore weird, kinda pin-striped 3/4 length stretchy trousers and tight collared t-shirts (Guys, it gets worse than that 🤦🏼‍♀️).

At 17 I had a shaved head and I thought drop crotch anything was the way forward, probably thought I was a boy again (told ya 🤢).

At 19 I had some bangs, chin-length black hair, high waisted jeans and sheer button up blouses done all the way up (thats if I wasn’t in activewear, which was basically never).

Come 21 I wore bright oversized cardigans, patterned trousers and scarves.

Around 23 it was pencil skirts and blazers because all I ever did was work.

Which brings me to my mid 20’s and my dear collection of too many oversized-whatever’s, not enough space to put them and a boyfriend who cringes every time a parcel arrives at the doorstep. 🙃

As I write this blog I think about how there is an accurate 97% chance that in a few years I will be cringing at the collection of oversized sweaters and ripped denim I have, just as I do now with the nightmare-worthy ghosts of my wardrobe’s past (don’t need to bring up the 3/4 stretchy trousers again 🙅🏼‍♀️).
The major difference is, now I also have a flippin’ Instagram account of 500+ images to document all these outfit choices.
So the future ghosts of my wardrobe’s past won’t only be a haunting memory, there’ll forever be physical proof. So ya’ll stay tuned for 2020 when I’m regretting all these decisions! 😂

It took me a long, long time to figure out my style… and way too many outfits in putrid brown leather jackets and beige drop-crotch stretchy trousers… like NO.
We can’t even go there for your sake. ✋🏼🤢

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As I bury those traumatic memories under the file ‘NEVER EVER REVIST, EVER’ in my brain, I do feel settled in my own style. I feel like I can look at an outfit and think:
“Yeah, K, thats a bit of Faithy!” 💃🏼
Or try on a typical pair of Mom Jeans saying:
“No, why do I just look like I’m wearing my Cousin’s ill-fitted hand-me-downs”
And not in that cute, vintage sorta way, either! 😩
I’m settled in the sense that I am adult enough to know what suits me and my body shape, and what outfits kind of reflect and communicate myself and my personal brand.

I know what you’re thinking: “Okaayyyy, Miss PR and Marketing degree, shut up about brand, not every Plaid co-ord suit is about branding FFS!!!!!!!”. 😒🙄
And I’m here to tell you: “No, you shut up, ’cause it is!!!!…….. Okay?! So….. SHUT UP!”
Brilliant argument, if I may say so myself (which I must because no one else would agree🙋🏼‍♀️😂).

Finding a style that reflected me and my personal brand took:
1. Rememberin’ Lil’ Faithy before the putrid style decisions.
2. Many hours scrolling through Pinterest.
3. Frustrating trips to the changing room.
4. Learning and growing into my personality.

HOW BUSY DOES THAT SOUND? And it bloody is just as busy as it sounds, too! But theres a point, give me a sec!
Lemme break it down.

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To find my style I referred back to my past and who I was as a Little Tacker, before we grow up and are told to listen to society and behave how society thinks we should.
I grew up with my brother and male cousins. I was the only girl, and to be fair I was hardly a girl, at that. Big old F for Faithy in that department. 😂🙅🏼‍♀️
I was outside in the mud, hiding in trees throwing fruits at people walking by the house. I played contact Rugby with the boys and it wasn’t even the typical “Anything HE can do, I can do better!!” it was more like “But Mum, I don’t know why you’re telling me I can’t go to the construction site with Dad, like COME ON, THE BOYS ALWAYS GO” and that was a real conversation with Mamma Faithy. I just didn’t get that I was any different.
I was basically a boy. Poor Mamma and Pappa Faithy wanting a Boy and a Girl, instead they just got a Boy and a feral Half-Boy with long knotty Blonde hair terrorising the place. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Mamma Faithy will tell you about how she tried to put me in frilly dresses when I was growing up. And, I promise you, I cannot lie about this, every single bit of photo evidence we have of me in a dress as a baby, I’m either hysterically crying that my face looks blue or look like I’m totally traumatised and questioning my life in pink marshmallow layers.
It’s like my inner Faithy already knew it just wasn’t me.

Pinterest is amazing. My clients haaaattteee me for always talking about Pinterest.
“Babe, just do a shared Pinterest Board with me to brainstorm”
“Okay, so I’ve made a Secret Board for ideas for the shoot”
“Omg, give me a sec, I found the CUTEST puppy photo on Pinterest today, wait a min”
I adore pinning my ideas and inspo, Pinterest being the first platform I started to understand aesthetic feeds and the importance of aesthetic consistency and how bloody satisfying that can look. It was step 1. to the @oliviafaithofficial that my instagram it is today.
This platform was a huge help to me finding my style because I was seeing what I was always pinning and could then identify a theme. I could see that in my style boards I would always be drawn to oversize anything’s, denim and all super neutral tones of Blue, nude, white and black. Rarely any pops of colour, unless theres a picture of a girl with a bomb-ass orange oversized hoodie teamed with a cap and sock boots.
Like, I just can’t not pin something as fly AF as that. Anyone with a soul just can’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️
I pin very masculine shapes, I adore models with their hair shaved or slicked back, wearing oversized blazers, Yeezy trainers and bomber jackets.
Pinning my life away meant I could see what I loved and made it so much easier when it came to buying things and curating my own style. It really is suchhhhh a creative platform and always gets my juices going whenever I’m in a style rut or need some outfit inspo. You can find me here.

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Changing rooms became the Killers of my Polka Dot, flowy, maxi dress dreams. 😩
I used to HATE trying things on in store. I am one of those people that’s always cold so the thought of going into change room and having to get changed in the freezing cold is pure trauma to me. I used to rather buy the wrong style/fit of anything a million times than get cold in a change room for about 3 minutes 😂
HOWEVER, it wasn’t until I started hardening the F up, getting cold and Nakey in the changing room to discover the long-term would equal me actually purchasing less, and not purchasing things that would be sat at the back of my wardrobe with the tag on it to be thrown out 8 months later.
Smarter fashion.

By trying on clothes I learnt that when I put on that super cute Polka Dot summer dress that was cropped at the knees and I could totally wear with some sandals at the beach on holiday, it actually looked like a frumpy hot dog wrapped in my Grandma’s curtains. It just wasn’t me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have purchased so many of those dresses and frilly tops and all those gorgeous things that I see all you girly babes wearing, but it never felt or looked right on me. If they weren’t forgotten at the back of my wardrobe with their tags on and never worn, I would wear them once, spend the day tugging at them and busting to get home to put some leggings and a sweater on.
I used to envy the girls who could wear them, but now I just know that that kind of style looks gorgeous on them, and thats okay. Its just not for the absolute boy that is Faithy. 🙋🏼‍♀️
I have stopped trying to squeeze myself into that box and look for injecting doses of femininity into my style in different ways. Like having freshly blowdried or curled hair, adding some heels or (attempting to) do my makeup fancy pants.
And I mean, can you even imagine me in a polka dot dress. Like I just can’t cope. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
4. My personality.
I mean, ya’ll should kinda know it by now. This is a big one, because in a weird way, I feel like when I found my style, I came into my personality a lot more as well.
I am so casual. All. The. Time. Enthusiastic, but very casual.
I have a slightly deeper voice, I use super relaxed terminology and even when I’m at work or in meetings, I love to keep it very chill and build a friendship with my clients. Most of them are men, by the way, just to highlight that point a little further, haha.
I will always turn up in jeans, most probably be wearing a hat and love to meet over food to bring a nice, chill vibe. So everyone is feeling super comfortable and chatty which really does bring out the best, creatively, in people.
My blog is very casual and chatty. There aren’t many posts I won’t call you guys a Honey Bunch, or talk about lazy girl hacks and its the same with my Instagram captions. I love to think of you guys as my friends, as opposed to followers and love talking to you all and cracking jokes or sharing relatable stories. Its all a bit of fun, nothing really “inspo” about it. Once again, very, very chill.
My colour scheme through my Instagram feed is pretty similar to my Pinterest feed. My image filter is very cool and accentuates blues and neutral tones. I upload a lot of black, white, blue, khaki, grey and nude images. Thats nude coloured images. Not images in the nude, lets clear that one up! 😂 You can find me snapping pictures in my Boyfriend’s clothes 99.9% of the time, all very boy-ish, classic, masculine-y vibes with a touch of femininity where I can squeeze it that feels natural to me.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

That brings me to the definition of my style:
Casual-Girl, Corporate Athleisure. Inspired by men’s fashion and the power and beauty behind women owning a masculine style while still looking perfectly feminine.

I put on a pair of my popper joggers, with my white pointed heels, a baggy T and a cap when I run off to a meeting and I tell you what, nothing feels more Faithy.

Thats the most important part about finding my style.
Not following strictly whats on trend, but instead, gaining inspiration from it and weaving that into what I love and feel amazing in.
The style that helps me, feel like me.

In closing, I would like to share that I hope this post inspires my boyfriend to not get mad whenever I steal his clothes, its just to help me communicate my style, ya know? 🤷🏼‍♀️
I literally need your oversized hoodies, because remember, I’m inspired by men’s fashion?
I also need your baseball caps and will occasionally borrow your jackets for that oversize street style vibe. 💁🏼‍♀️
So no haters, appreciators only. Haha.

Thanks for sticking around for this guys, how do you define your personal style and how did you find it?

Thank you to Robyn Poppy who wrote a trio of articles about how she found her personal style, which was a major inspo for this blog post.
She is also incredible and definitely a big deal, you guys should all go check her out.

Your girl and bestie forever,


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2 thoughts on “Faithy’s How To Define Your Personal Style

  1. Loved this post girly and thankyou so much for the mention!! I can definitely relate to cringing at the old styles I used to wear! But your style is absolutely amazing and I love how you style your outfits! Will definitely start using Pinterest more, it seems like a fab way to get inspo! Robyn-


    1. Pinterest is a GAME CHANGER. You would love it because you’re suuuuper creative so it will get your juices going for sure. And you are so welcome babe! Always bringing me major blogging inspo ❤️❤️❤️


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