The Chill Girl’s Guide: 2018/19 Trend You Need To Be Wearing Now.

*Siiiigggghhhhh* Fashhhhhion….

The hideous things that grow on you, the repeat staples that keep coming back and the ‘Thank God I don’t ever have to see another …. “OMG Hey Babbbe, LOVE the scrunchie!”‘ moments. 

Just when you just got over laughing at photos of your mum’s suede, tasseled cowboy jacket, Vanessa Hudgens wears it to Coachella. Like WTF? 

You really never know whats coming around the style corner. The good, the stunning and the scrunchies. 
2018/19 Fashion month brought about many-a-style, but standout fave for not only me, but everyone in the whole-damn world has to be animal print, and it ain’t going anywhere this year.

Instead of concentrating on work (Duh, Nobody got time for that), I was busy ***researching*** all the best ways to wear the dreamy trend
Right. Flippin. Now.
***Obvs the Millennial version of fashion research is hours of scrolling through Pinterest… Its a hard life, ya’ll!*** 

And just for you, I came up with my Top 3 Tips of how to implement animal print into your 2019 wardrobe.

You’re already welcome!

Styling a Leopard Silk Midi Skirt.
How to wear leopard print skirts. Via

1. The Leopard Skirt.
Trust me, Angel. Leopard print more-or-less comes around every year, its the animal print you don’t need to have trust issues with. 
I’m obsessed with leopard skirts, short or long, I love that it can be styled super chic and girly with some heels and a chic sweater if you feelin’ Fancy.

Street Style Casual Leopard Print Midi Skirt
2019 Animal Leopad Print Skirt Street Style Trend Via

But you can also give total Chill Girl’s Guide vibes with a White T and some trainers.

Casual Styling White T and Leopard Print Skirt
2019 Casual Street Style How To Style Via

Leopard print wins my Versatility Award and is a staple you’ll buy, wear in the Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring and NEVER EVER EVER (EVER) say “Why the hell did I listen to that stupid blog, post?! WHY?!”.
I promise!

Snake Print Trouser Street Style Casual
How To War Casual Snake Skin Trouser Trend in 2019 Via

2. Snakeskin Trousers.
Get you a trend that can do both! Yes Ma’am! Angel, this is the one. Perfection dressed up. Perfection dressed down. Who can choose? Not me!

Dressing Up Snake Print Animal Print Trouser Trend 2019
How To Style the Snake Print Trouser Trend in 2019 Via

Give it a cosy knit and Balenciaga trainers, please, for the ultimate Brunch outfit that will make every single person jel. And if they say they aren’t they are liars. 

Street Styling The Snake Print Trouser Trend
Street Style Inspiration for Casual Snake Print Trouser Trend 2019 Via

They are chic, they are neutral but they are also that lil’ bit of extra somethin’ somethin’, you know? Don’t be that outfit-envying brunch date pretending you’re not jel. She’s not cute.

How To Wear Animal Print in 2019
Street Style Leopard Print Shift Dress Blazer YSL Via

3. The Shift Dress.
This time I’m giving you a lil Freedom.
“Wait, What? You mean you’re not going to boss us around for the entire blog post, Faithy?!”
No, Angel. I am really nice and awesome and cool. So I will give you this one!

How To StyleA Leopard Animal Print Shift Dress in 2019
Glam Styling Chestfie Leopard Print Midi Shift Dress Via

Get a cropped one, get a flowy one, get a tie-waste one, get a midi one. Just get one. 
Because they are so cute. Because they are so versatile. And also, just because you are my fave girl ever, so you deserve it! Says me.

Tiger Pint Shift Dress How To Street Style
Styling Tiger Print Trend Dior Saddle Bag Loouis Vuitton Trainers Street Style Via

From the skirt, to the trousers to the dress. Animal print is real hot on the radar RN and you’re missing out if you’re not enjoying a lil’ animal print situation. 
I’m going to be that little devil on your shoulder telling you to treat yo’self to this season’s hottest.
You’ll love it, as much as I love it. And then we can wear matching outfits to brunch and be Best Friend Goals. Coz thats obviously what we actually are. 

Thassss all from me today, Angels.

Catch ya next time, Loves of my lifeeee.
Thanks for coming to Chill with me! 

Big, Huge, MAJOR Love.
Liv. x

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