The Chill Girl’s Guide: 3 things you’re doing wrong when you’re shopping online.

Let’s not beat around the bush.

I am addicted to Online Shopping.

Some may call me a professional.

Some may even call me a genius.

Myself and my ego are always very open to any and all of the compliments.

When it comes to the online shop, I ain’t no quitter. So, when the first step is admitting it, the second step is managing it? Yeah?

And by managing it I mean, we don’t go down a whole-hearted spiral of ordering $200 worth of clothing and having 90% of it sit folded in the wardrobe with tags on it because it juuuussstttt don’t fit right, you know?


Missguided Online Shopping
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I find shopping online a therapeutic experience, you know?

I didn’t have to ask shuffle through un-folded clothes on a shelf or jammed onto a wrack (instant migraine, I swear), I didn’t have to keep asking the shop floor assistant if she had this in my size… and this… this in just half a size up?… Oh, and just one more thing, sorry, this too? And that isn’t even bringing up the queue waits and phoning other stores to check if they have your size for you to pick it up.

With loads of online shopping practise (Hah, jokes on you, bank account!) I figured out 3 tips to making sure you hit ‘Purchase’ with that satisfied, not-even-guilty-because-you-know-wardrobe-bout-to-be-LIT smile and never again experience the (first AF world) tragedy of ordering 7 items with 6 of them fitting like a potato sack on a broom stick. Get them coupon codes ready, Angels!

See below for genius advice:

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1. Be smart with your first order.


I suggest hitting the sale section and searching for things like:

a) Bottoms – leggings or trousers.

b) Tight top

c) Baggy top

d) Shoes.

You can find some absolute gems in the sale section if we are being so honest, you just need to dig. And by dig, I mean embark on an actual inward journey of patience (all 3827 pages of sale items!) and acceptance (try not to throw your laptop out the window if you find that sweater you ADORE but they only have it 12 sizes too big or 12 sizes too small, no, you can’t squeeze into it, if it ain’t your size, don’t order it).

I spent some serious time thoroughly browsing.

I recommend comfy clothes that you could wear around the house, that way there is no real pressure behind the fit, and nothing will go to waste. I think my entire order calculated to be about $40.

These items are for sizing and vibe purposes. Once you get them, you can see what the sizing average is for items on that particular online store –

Take Note: all online store sizes vary a lot! Remember to take note of how they fit. eg. I prefer T-shirts to be slightly more oversized, so I’ll size up on them.

Or I’ll size up on some jeans because I like to give the booty some space.

Use this as a little bit of an experiment for future purchases and take note!!

MIssguided Top 2019 Styles
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2. Really look at details of the model.

I’m not telling you to get all self-comparison on your a**. No girl, no. We are all Beaming Unicorns of Dreams how we are.

I am telling you to look at the outfit and style details to visualise how the item will look on you.

A few of the details I look out for:

What colour hair does she have? – you’d be traumatised at how important this can be when it comes to colours.

Skin tone – This follows after hair colour and is a major one for me. I am quite pale, by ‘quite pale’ I mean I am a slight shade of transparent and blue all at the same time. A lot of the time I fell victim to buying items that didn’t look as great on me as it did on the beautiful bronzed Goddess who was modelling it. I always try to buy items that will flatter my skin tone (or at least remind me to fake tan my life away before wearing it… haha!).

What items is she wearing with it? – Do you have anything at home that is similar that you can team this item up with? I won’t ever buy a top if I don’t have a pair of jeans that goes with it. Or a cut of denim if I don’t have the right style shoe that matches. This cuts out a lot of those ‘This still has the tag on it and is never worn because I just didn’t know what to wear it with’ situations.

How have they accessorised it? – Do you only like how the sweater looks because it’s been tucked into that belt? Or has a necklace laid over it? A major defining factor of how much you love an outfit.

Style And Outfit Inspo
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3. Know what you’re looking for.

I am an avid outfit screen-shotter off Instagram and Pinterest.  I will always screenshot outfits I love, save them to an album on my phone (hello 898284789734987 photos on my phone) and refer back to them when I’m online shopping.

This helps if I am looking for an outfit for a particular occasion or if I’m looking to emulate a specific style.  I like to be structured when I online shop –  I must have a goal, a plan of action AND a budget.

I’ll open 3-4 online stores, search for the same thing, who has a sale on, what quality looks the best and the different styling options they have showcased. This avoids over-spending and clicking ‘Add To Cart’ every time you see something that’s just “Kinda cute”. You know?

Trust me: Have. A. Plan.

How To Save Your Money Online
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3.5 (Because I can’t stop at 3 because I love the sound of my own type so much. Soz. Not soz.) Buy cheap and cute accessories.

They are like $7 and I feel they just jazz up an outfit and pull it all together. They don’t last very long, but neither does your cappuccino that you ordered 2 of and they were $4.50 each. So I feel like you’re okay.

I’m talking earrings, necklaces, headbands, even little Fanny Packs – don’t judge or hate or throw any form of shade. You don’t know the convenience of a Fanny Pack till you try it and love it. The end.


Those are my secrets to the last few years and building my little collection of a wardrobe, pretty-much all from online stores (sorry to the brick-and-mortar shopping industry… The convenience and efficiency wins my heart!!) and by following these guide lines I feel super confident I always get my price-per-wear on each of the items I buy.

It’s kind of is a science, right? Which means I’m kind of a real-life professional/genius.

Thanks for coming to chill with me, my Besties

Catch ya on the flip,

Your Best Girl,

Olivia Faithy-ella. x

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