Chill Girl’s Guide: 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Pulling Off an Effortless Chic Style.

We’ve all been there, right?

Those Saturday mornings you lay your outfit on the bed – your oversized sweater, your cute Mom Jeans and your loafers. You can just see it now, throw your hair up in a bun and a dewy, effortless face for that fake, cutest girl,  ‘Who? Me? No, I probably look like I just rolled out of bed, stop it!’ kinda vibe.

Don’t lie, we all go for it – Hell, that look is literally my whole entire life goals situated into a cosy, caffeine-fuelled Chill Girl package.

It is effortless perfection.

‘Okay, Faithy, I also share these life goals coz I get you on a soul level’ you all say, ‘but why whenever I try this look, do I end up being confused for a slightly sick, ill-fitted cat-lady who uses her Dad’s clothes because her last paycheque was in 2010?’.

Yah. Feel you, Homegirl. The accuracy pains me.

Because I am a believer in achieving whatever your dreams and aspirations may be, for some, it’s being the chef for the president or, I don’t know… a Kardashian…? *crickets….. *.

For me, it’s a girl who can rock up to brunch looking like she was perfectly created in the womb to sport an oversized sweater without even trying.

– Thats a real-ass dream! 

So, I set out on figuring out why that cutely curated outfit you placed on your bed this morning doesn’t look as cute on as it does in your brain (or on that she-must-be-a-Unicorn-to-pull-this-off kind of a Pinterest girl you keep pinning). With many failed attempts, looking quite literally homeless (smudged eye makeup, unwashed hair, Nutella Croissant stains on my top and all …) under my belt, I have figured out that pulling off this look is, in fact, not impossible. And the best part? You don’t have to be a unicorn to do it!

So, you can stop searching that Unicorn Horn on Amazon, it’s not necessary (and kind of scary… k?).


Denim How To Style The Perfect Chill Girl Weekend Brunch Outfit.
The Reason You Aren’t Pulling Off Weekend Chic| Belt your baggier jeans at the waist for perfect brunch chic VIA


Mom Jeans are a must for Saturday Morning Chill Girl style. They are effortless, comfortable and let you get away with an extra Nutella Croissant (…or 3?).

However, I spent the last Bazillion years of my Brunching Life thinking I couldn’t pull them off. You see, I’m the kind of person who was graced with what I like to call ‘MUM WHERE IN THE WOMB DID YOU LEAVE MY HIPS, THOUGH?!’ Hips. Anyone else have them?

Due to this defect – thanks mum – wearing Mom Jeans can be an absolute Fashion Flop. They always look like… Ehhhh they jusssstttt don’t fit right, you know?

I tried belting my Mom Jeans just above the hips, like the Pinterest girls, to fake a Hips Don’t Lie kind of situation?.. But like, the hips really did and were a lie. 

It still wasn’t quite right… something was missing… 

One Saturday, my jeans were still drying so I went into my Mum’s closet and stole her jeans (so, yes, they literally are Mom’s Jeans in every sense off the term). Thennnn I belted them

When I looked in the mirror, I realised, I HAD DONE IT.

My Mum’s jeans were a size up, which created movement and space, that, when belted, gives you that comfy, Chill Girl Mom Jean look.

Oversized anything’s always makes me feel that little bit more chill, cosy and comfy, as opposed to a skinny jean, you know?

How To Wear Mom Jeans For You
How To Wear Mom Jeans Weekend Casual Brunch Style Outfit Ideas | Chanel Bomber Mom Jeans Gucci Slides Autumn/Winter 2019 OOTD VIA

Before I thieved my Mum’s jeans, I was darn-ready to divorce the Mom Jean life and stick to skinny jeans (so 2016 of me), but the Size Up and Belt trick rekindled my deep, true love.

How To Nail Weekend Style
Style your denim jeans with a casual sweater tucked in the front to create a flattering shape for your body VIA


Gosh, this is not only a vital mistake, but I believe it is the vital mistake when it comes to Chill Girl Chic. Its the mistake that takes your Saturday Chic situation from ‘effortless’ to ‘un-shapely potato sack’. You know the struggle?You have to balance what you got going on!

Let me explain.

If you’re wearing a Mom jean situation, you can opt for a tighter top. It basically balances out the extra fabric and movement of the baggier jeans. You can throw a cosy Cardi or jacket over this, I advise having it open for ultimate flattery.

However, if you emotionally can’t part with your oversize, cosy knit (I get you, girl) make sure you tuck your oversized situation in.

If I’m wearing a chunky sweater which, in any season besides summer is pretty much 99.999999999999999999% of the time… I do the simple lil’ tuck-er-oo in front.

And voila.

How To Nail Perfect Weekend Effortless Style
Wear a tighter top with baggier jeans so yo get ultimate comfort with the jeans and don’t look too overwhelmed with baggy clothing VIA

The tuck in the front gives that, ‘I’m casual and cute on a Saturday, but, look! I got a tiny bit of shape, Honey!’. Which avoids the ill-fitted Dad’s wardrobe moment. It cinches you in a little more under the heavy, chunkier items which can have the potential to look like a bit much if you’re wearing all oversize, everything.

Extra Tip: Triple the Chill Girl Points if you’re wearing a belt. They are always Tres Chic shape-makers, Angel!

How To Nail Effortless Brunch Style
A sleek straightened hairstyle adds structure to tie in your effortless look VIA



This is personal opinion. I find when my hair is out, I feel that extra little bit ‘done’ you know?

If I’m wearing an all oversize everything and going for major Chill Girl Vibes, having my hair out, and done, ties it all in.

Like, noooo, she’s not a crazy Cat Lady who hasn’t put a brush to her head in years. She’s a Cute Chill Girl in oversize comfort at Brunch with a lil’ blow-dry going on. Perfection.

This can be anything, straightened, blow dried, curled, I even do the half-up hair style, and that screams ‘Weekend chic!’.

But thats not to say it’s not as effortless (you can catch my week-long-lasting haircare secrets here, ps.). I blow-dry my hair once a week and sleep with it rolled up on the top of my head like a ridiculous doughnut. That way I don’t actually need to do a full head hairstyle. All I do is take it out, 2 minutes before I run out the door and hit it with some Dry Shampoo and hair oil to smooth it over. So easy!

How To Nail Effortless Weekend Brunch Style
Tie your hair in a top knot the night before your brunch date. In the morning enjoy effortless loose waves VIA


And so concludes my top 3 tips to achieving my dream of perfect Chill Girl Effortless Chic Style. Now that this dream is achieved, if anyone has any idea how I can be a Kardashian without the controversy, lemme know, yeah?

Do you have any tips I can catch? Let me know below or DM me on Instagram so I can copy and give you a shout!!

Thank you, my Honeys. Have an amazingly chill weekend, full of effortless outfits and minus the Nutella Croissant stains (working on it!!).

Love foreverrrr

Faithy Faith


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