Chill Girl’s Guide : Daily Self Care Ideas For Busy People.

Chill Girl’s Guide : Daily Self Care Ideas For Busy People.

Look, I don’t know you personally so I don’t know your personal perspective on fancy, time consuming ‘self care’ rituals and how highly you prioritise them in your weekly schedule ….

Actually, thats a lie. I absolutely know you personally.

I know that you’ve probably tried to say your self-care mantras… but end up staring at your eyebrows that are overdue a shape-up in the mirror.

I also know when you’re holding that yoga pose on Friday night for 3 more deep breaths, you’re questioning who in their right mind would ever deem this ‘care’ (is it supposed to hurt like this?) and I more-than kinda want to be at home chilling (Like… Hello? Have you Gals ever heard of  Netflix and Chill, or??).

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Faithy’s Take on Cosmetic Procedures

So sorry to break it to you all… But we’re all growing older.
Oh? You guys had no idea at all?
Noooo, see, you had it all wrong. You don’t all just look younger every year like the Kardashians, (or Benjamin Button, who was the traditional inventor of that technique). Yeah, no.
Thats not really normal.
Its more just this weird little trap they call ‘Adult Life’.
Its kind of like when a new movie shows all the best bits in the ads for it, so then when you get to the movie you’re just like “Oh…. So that was it, yeah?”
And then that really is just it. 
SO we’re all ageing and changing day-by-day, year-by-year and once you cross 25, it preeeetty much feels like hour-by-hour, to be honest 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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Letters to the New Year

Every end of year I have felt myself clawing on the remains of the year that has just passed. I always felt a bit battered and bruised by what had been thrown at me and a little disappointed in the things I’d had to face and how I’d faced them.

I was so mad at the world.

Mad that it didn’t give me what I deserved, at the very least.



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Faith’s How To: Have a Healthy Relationship with Instagram. The Instagram Algorithm, Social Media Pressures and Staying Sane!

“Faithy, just read your insta bio (@oliviafaithofficial Incase ya’ll wanna jump on that amazing bandwagon…. DO IT! I DARE YA!) Social Media Strategist? Like wtf girl, like what, like what’s that even?!”
You all say to me.

It means I spend a lot of time on Instagram. And I mean, a-freakin’-lot a lot.
And I absolutely love it.

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Letters to my 20-year-old self.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Cutie- Bae thought she had it all figured out writing to your 15-year-old self a couple of years back (feels like 90000 years ago/just yesterday, you know them ones??).
* laughing emoji face *
* devo emoji face *
* cross arm girl emoji *
* thumbs down emoji *
* lady in red dress emoji *

Sitting down writing this one out, I wasn’t exactly sure how you managed to condense the last letter into a short-and-sweet 5 tips.
Then I realised there’s not a lot you need to know when you’re fifteen besides “OMG STOP IT YOUR BOOBS WILL GROW ITS FINE YOUR LIFE ISNT OVER”.
So I totally get it.
I did do my best here to smoosh these tips into as few as possible, but… LOL.

Buckle your booty up, sister-friend, do yourself a favour and go buy a helmet, knee and elbow pads. Ya’ll gonna need it!

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