The Chill Girl’s Guide To Creating Healthy Self-Care Habits That Stick

The Chill Girl’s Guide To Creating Healthy Self-Care Habits That Stick

We all know a Sandra Something who spends all of Saturday brunch talking about how “This is really it. I am going to start waking up early in the morning so I’m not rushing out the door to work every day!” .
Just like last week she said she was going to commit to working out 5 times a week .
And the week before where she said she was going to stop going to bed with her makeup on.
I see you, Sandra. Coming up with another life changing habit to try out next week while leaving your ex-habit out on the curb like that.
Like, I get it.

With all the shade we’ve just thrown Sandra’s way (who starts a blog post with such shade and such little appreciation?), we all have just a touch of Sandy in us. Everyone. Everywhere. We’re all just little Sandy’s committing ourselves to one thing after another, setting ourselves up for total Let Down Central when we consume our cappuccino with full cream milk after banishing dairy out of our life forever.

I’m here to say Sandy isn’t all wrong. In my opinion, us humans need a little somethin’ to keep us stretching and pushing ourselves into the uncomfortable. And, all of Sandy’s are great, in theory.

Lets take Sandy’s undying ambition to turn her life around with fabulous habits. How do we make these fabulous habits stick without sitting in the front of Netflix on a Friday night at 3am, 1 ice cream tub and 4 packets of Tim Tams down when we really wanted to be up at 7 for that yoga class.

I am here to save each and every Sandy, one habit at a time.
Because, I have, with recent experience, nailed the Chill Girl’s Guide to setting up habits that stick. With the least amount of fuss humanly possible.

I’ve gone from a 3-cup-a-day (minimum) of coffee to only one in the morning.
I’ve gone from snoozing my life away to being up at 5am no matter what.
I’ve gone from adapting my carb-o addicted eating habits to a CRAZY strict PCOS diet.
Yes. Its possible. I’mma show ya.

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1 . Start Stupidly Small

Like, I’m talking teeny, tiny. Lets look at Sandy’s example:
“I want to wake up at 6am so I don’t have to rush getting ready for work.”
If Sandy currently throws herself out of bed at 8am, setting that alarm for 6am is a one-way ticket to Hittin’ Snooze-ville until 8am anyway.
Unless Sandy has some next level accountability, however, in respect to the Sandy that sets new and improved habits every week in the failures of last weeks attempts, we’re gonna assume she isn’t.
So instead, Sandy sets her alarm for 7:50am 5 days a week. Its a lot easier to wake up 10 minutes earlier than 2 hours earlier.
The next week, Sandy sets her alarm at 7:40am, the next week 7:30. Alllll the way through to 6am, increasing by increments.

The rest then follows like so:

  • Wanna cut sugar intake? Start by not taking sugar in your coffee. Then decide to stop eating that Snickers bar on the way home.
  • Wanna get more active? Start by parking a little further from work so you get those extra steps in every morning and afternoon. Then decide to also make time for a walk on the weekends.
  • Wanna overhaul your skincare regime? Start by a cleanser and an SPF (if you’re a part of the Chill Girl’s Guide Community and not SPF’ing. We got beef!) Then decide to ask a pro about serums or moisturisers that may work for you.

    Make it a process and start stupidly, stupidly small.

2 . Remove Environmental Friction.

I watched this great YouTube video about removing the friction between you and the task you want to achieve. Genius!
Let me explain:

Suzi wants to wake up earlier in the morning but the thought of waking up at 6am in the dark and cold is traumatising. Remove the friction.

I keep the cosiest Peter Alexander robe on the end of my bed. As soon as my alarm goes off, I throw on the dreamiest robe anyone could imagine and then head out to the kitchen. Which leads me to my next tip…

Leave your dark bedroom, go out into the living room or kitchen and switch on some low light lamps. This usually goes hand-in-hand with a hot beverage. I’m that Basic B* obnoxious person who drinks lemon water every morning. I know, I know. So Millennial of me.

Simply don’t want to get out of bed?
Thats because you don’t need to. Make a list of things you need to do in the mornings to motivate yourself to get out of bed.
My tip? These should be important things. The kind that if they didn’t get done, would totally ruin your day.
Why start the day so cynically? Because while you want to wake up in the morning for your glorious and perfect morning routine, you have to teach your body how to wake up early first. Then you can start tampering with what you’re doing in the AM. So make sure those tasks are damn important. Like washing your hair, making your lunch or ironing your outfit. 
No one wants to go to work with week-old unwashed hair, starving or in an outfit that screams “YES I TOTALY DID JUST FIND THIS IN A DUMPSTER ON THE WAY OVER HERE, NO, SERIOUSLY THANK YOU FOR NOTICING”. 
That kind of important. 

3. Quit The Diet Pill Myth

No lasting change happens overnight. Ever. No matter what they promise you or how much you pay for it.
Just like a diet pill. If you’re banking on a once-a-day tablet to get you 15 kilos lighter in a couple of days, not only should you probably need to talk to a professional about a healthy lifestyle, but you also need to… see, how do put this lightly…. wake up. 

Enter: No lasting change happens overnight. 

You’re not going to set up 155 brand new, shiny, amazing habits right away that you’re going to stick to with ease. It’s not real and it’s not possible. It is always going to be a process. 

You will, just like I did, hit snooze a couple times, flake out on your gym session and decide: Yes, actually. I will order that Brownie serving for two. And no, no I will not need two spoons. Thanks so much. 

It will happen because, oh, I don’t know, due to a weird thing called being human partaking in an even weirder thing called life.
Forgive yourself, Cutie, and get on with the process, thats how you make them truly stick. 
By being the damn glue and re-sticking those puppies every damn day.

E Voila. The Chill Girl’s Guide to creating fuss free habits for yourself, that actually work. 
‘Round here we’re all about how to take the euughhh out of everything and then share it with people who have no time for euughhh, like your gorgeous self.

Thats the life goal and thats also it from your girl Faithy from the Block.
Drop me a line if you concur or correct me if I’m wrong. I love a bit of banter.

Oh, Livia. x

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