Faithy’s How To Define Your Personal Style

Honey Bunch, Baby Butts, how are you, my cutest people?
Now, this post is a little less “Haha, OMG Faithy, you sure you’re not a comedian?” and a little more “Ohhh, cool, you actually talk about real stuff sometimes”.
Because, you know, I’m all about versatility. And also because I actually have a little passiona (“Pa-shee-oh-nah”, remember we spoke about this pronunciation in my last post? Just reminding you) about this lil’ style topic and I actually doooooo want you guys to walk away with some kind of value from this.
Lets get into itttttt pleaseeee Faithy, quit the jabbering!
Okay, lets go!

So, when I was 10 I wore my Brother’s clothes because I pretty much thought I was a boy. 🤷🏼‍♀️

When I was 15 I wore weird, kinda pin-striped 3/4 length stretchy trousers and tight collared t-shirts (Guys, it gets worse than that 🤦🏼‍♀️).

At 17 I had a shaved head and I thought drop crotch anything was the way forward, probably thought I was a boy again (told ya 🤢).

At 19 I had some bangs, chin-length black hair, high waisted jeans and sheer button up blouses done all the way up (thats if I wasn’t in activewear, which was basically never).

Come 21 I wore bright oversized cardigans, patterned trousers and scarves.

Around 23 it was pencil skirts and blazers because all I ever did was work.

Which brings me to my mid 20’s and my dear collection of too many oversized-whatever’s, not enough space to put them and a boyfriend who cringes every time a parcel arrives at the doorstep. 🙃
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Faithy’s Red Tracksuit Trend (Obsession).

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Who doesn’t love cosy?
Who doesn’t love loungewear?
Who doesn’t love wearing cosy loungewear that is bright red and resembles a stop sign this season?

Freakin’ no one! That’s who!

I had my eye on a red tracksuit for…. If I’m going to be super accurate, 3 months.
3 painful, envious, devo that I couldn’t be wearing a red tracksuit months.

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