Chill Girl’s Guide : Daily Self Care Ideas For Busy People.

Chill Girl’s Guide : Daily Self Care Ideas For Busy People.

Look, I don’t know you personally so I don’t know your personal perspective on fancy, time consuming ‘self care’ rituals and how highly you prioritise them in your weekly schedule ….

Actually, thats a lie. I absolutely know you personally.

I know that you’ve probably tried to say your self-care mantras… but end up staring at your eyebrows that are overdue a shape-up in the mirror.

I also know when you’re holding that yoga pose on Friday night for 3 more deep breaths, you’re questioning who in their right mind would ever deem this ‘care’ (is it supposed to hurt like this?) and I more-than kinda want to be at home chilling (Like… Hello? Have you Gals ever heard of  Netflix and Chill, or??).

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Chill Girl’s Guide: 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Pulling Off an Effortless Chic Style.

Chill Girl’s Guide: 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Pulling Off an Effortless Chic Style.

We’ve all been there, right?

Those Saturday mornings you lay your outfit on the bed – your oversized sweater, your cute Mom Jeans and your loafers. You can just see it now, throw your hair up in a bun and a dewy, effortless face for that fake, cutest girl,  ‘Who? Me? No, I probably look like I just rolled out of bed, stop it!’ kinda vibe.

Don’t lie, we all go for it – Hell, that look is literally my whole entire life goals situated into a cosy, caffeine-fuelled Chill Girl package.

It is effortless perfection.

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Faithy’s Glossier Review

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Soooo… I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that the Glossier launch in the UK took the entire country by storm.

I felt like I was endlessly scrolling through Flat Lays and before-and-afters of Face wash, Skin Tints and Super Packs! My Instagram and Twitter feeds were all-things-Glossier and I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t hate it!
I didn’t hate it so much so, that of course I have to do my own damn order to see what all the fuss was about.

Verdict? OH WOW YES WOW! 

So I thought I’d give you my review of my top 3 picks from my order and the Glossier products I think you definitely can’t live another day of your life without!

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Faithy’s Red Tracksuit Trend (Obsession).

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Who doesn’t love cosy?
Who doesn’t love loungewear?
Who doesn’t love wearing cosy loungewear that is bright red and resembles a stop sign this season?

Freakin’ no one! That’s who!

I had my eye on a red tracksuit for…. If I’m going to be super accurate, 3 months.
3 painful, envious, devo that I couldn’t be wearing a red tracksuit months.

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Letters to my 20-year-old self.

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Cutie- Bae thought she had it all figured out writing to your 15-year-old self a couple of years back (feels like 90000 years ago/just yesterday, you know them ones??).
* laughing emoji face *
* devo emoji face *
* cross arm girl emoji *
* thumbs down emoji *
* lady in red dress emoji *

Sitting down writing this one out, I wasn’t exactly sure how you managed to condense the last letter into a short-and-sweet 5 tips.
Then I realised there’s not a lot you need to know when you’re fifteen besides “OMG STOP IT YOUR BOOBS WILL GROW ITS FINE YOUR LIFE ISNT OVER”.
So I totally get it.
I did do my best here to smoosh these tips into as few as possible, but… LOL.

Buckle your booty up, sister-friend, do yourself a favour and go buy a helmet, knee and elbow pads. Ya’ll gonna need it!

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