Chill Girl’s Guide : Daily Self Care Ideas For Busy People.

Chill Girl’s Guide : Daily Self Care Ideas For Busy People.

Look, I don’t know you personally so I don’t know your personal perspective on fancy, time consuming ‘self care’ rituals and how highly you prioritise them in your weekly schedule ….

Actually, thats a lie. I absolutely know you personally.

I know that you’ve probably tried to say your self-care mantras… but end up staring at your eyebrows that are overdue a shape-up in the mirror.

I also know when you’re holding that yoga pose on Friday night for 3 more deep breaths, you’re questioning who in their right mind would ever deem this ‘care’ (is it supposed to hurt like this?) and I more-than kinda want to be at home chilling (Like… Hello? Have you Gals ever heard of  Netflix and Chill, or??).

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Silver Linings


I love it when people start blogs. When people send me their rough drafts to read, ask my opinion on a post of theirs or even include me in the brain-storming of their new blog.
LUURRRVVEEE it allllll.

I love Blogging because it is a cute webpage-world  where I get to talk about whatever I want with a bunch of the coolest people in town (loooveeee you guysssssss!!).
Some of the posts are important, some aren’t.
Most make zero sense and have a thousand typos and some I’ve posted,  deleted and then
re-posted again.

But, real life styles (with a z), just like anything, where there is a perfect dream world of great content and hilarious posts & every joke hitting a Home Run (ba-boom chhhhh!!), there are also the sticky things that get in the way of blogging and make this magical, hilarious blog world seem a little like dragging your tired, uninspired butt up-hill.
I think it is important to acknowledge that in any creative thang we have going on, it isn’t rainbows and butterflies all time.
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