The most important lesson of them all.


Resilience. The word that has been running marathons around my head. I could sit here and write for hours about everything I have learnt this week, everything that has gone wrong and all the challenges I faced. But it was so crazy that even if I wrote it all down you probably wouldn’t believe me. So instead, I’m writing myself a reminder. 

Olivia Faith,
Never, ever give up. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets, how empty and lonely you feel, how many things go wrong or how easy it would seem to get on a plane and come home. Nothing worth having comes easy. So be proud of yourself. Because coming out of this week feeling  bruised and battered as if you’ve been through a war-and-a-half is JUST the reason you deserve to be here. Because the fact that you are still standing on your own two feet, as shaky as your knees may feel, is enough to prove to YOURSELF that you are stronger than you have ever been. 
Look back on this week, remember to be grateful for all your blessings, don’t let the negative overshadow everything beautiful. It will never be that hard again, ever. And remember, it is not about what knocks you down, it is about having the courage to bounce back up. If you can get through THAT you can do anything.